Theta SRO Party Project

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      Theta SRO Party Project

      Theta SRO Party Project
      Hey community i wanna ask you smth any one want to make a 8/8 party project legit or bot u can do what you want

      but to lvl faster on theta you need a party

      so i want to start a party project

      when you want to join msg me or write here your IGN and your build


      when i get 8/8 ppl then it will start today 20:00 gmt+1

      that is what we need

      Wizzard 3x

      Warrior 2x

      Bard 2x

      cleric STR 1x iam Cleric so cleric we dont need

      i hope you will join thanks

      and for the ppl dont know what is theta sro its a 100 cap server with more then 1000 player