Patch Notes [UP2Date]

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      Patch Notes [UP2Date]

      Patch Notes [UP2Date]

      -You can now create clans and have a clan chat in game. You can switch to the clan chat with F3.
      -The entire map is now available.
      -Misc engine optimizations.
      -Added some memory optimizations.
      -Added two new female characters for everyone.
      -A language filter has been implemented for chat.
      -Player names can only contain alphanumerical characters.
      -Zombies now properly react to barricades.
      -You can now see the amount of xp you get when killing Zombies.
      -Fixed some Zombie AI issues.
      -Fixed some crash issues.
      -Fixed a bug that allowed you to bind the windows and Esc keys.
      -Fixed a bug that allowed you to bind the same key to multiple actions.
      -Fixed bug that left the scope up when switching to
      -Fixed a bunch of animations.
      -Fixed the disconnecting bug.
      -Fixed a bug where grass was not showing up while zoomed in with Scopes, Binoculars, and Range Finder.
      -Fixed bugs with the chat that allowed size and color changes.

      /edit we are going to fix the blue arrow bug here shortly It will not require a server restart but it will require you to log out and get the patch.


      -Show dev accounts in player list and in chat
      -Fixed reload bug (hearing reload sounds across the map)
      -Fixed bug with being stuck in narrow location when logging in
      -Show server reboot message in chat
      -Fixed bug with swapped currencies in unlock new char window
      -Minor map fixes


      -Fixed some stuck areas related to water.
      -Fixed bug with missing hands in FPS view for new characters
      -Fixed bug when dying from thirst or hunger will result in you walking dead
      -Fixed bug with zombies having female sounds


      -Fix for weapons in quickslots showing no ammo
      -You can now sort the server browser.
      -Fixed the some safe zone exploits. Players should not be able to kill other players in the safe zones now.
      -Various map updates
      -Fixed an issue with players being stuck and getting kicked from server when logging in
      -Zombie damage was increased
      -Various crash fixes
      -You can now see the name of the player that killed you.
      -Two more characters have been added.


      -Map fixes
      -Updated minimap
      -Fixed item spawns
      -Possible fix for "white screen" issue
      -Fixed "zombie" animation in main menu when equipped UZI
      -Allow to "aim" when you have no weapon or running with empty hands


      -Server Slots increased to 40

      -Map size increased
      -New Zombies!
      -Special Halloween Zombies
      -Zombie attack distance reduced slightly
      -Zombie damage reduced
      -Increased the pick up range for items to fix an issue with items on top shelves
      -Fixed bug with showing undefined in options when switching to custom settings
      -Melee detection radius lowered.
      -Text now informs you if you were killed by a Zombie or Player
      -Fixed zombie ragdoll affects.
      -Optimized grass on low quality settings

      -Zombies AI has been improved. They are also more dangerous now.
      -Fixed some crouch/prone issues going over objects.
      -Fixed a bug that would make some players invisible.
      -Grass is now visible on all quality settings
      -Fixed bug with some items spawning in the air.
      -Fixed bug with changing backpack in game.

      -Fixed an issue with notes not displaying any text
      -Fix for trying to play with dead survivor (results in server disconnect the moment you connect to server)
      -Fixed one possible error with character being dead but showing up as alive
      -Fixed bug that you were able to click on main menu buttons while quick joining
      -Fixed bug with not able to pick up dropped item
      -M249 machine gun now should work properly
      -Fixed some minor animation glitches

      Ein post von Sergey 25/10/2012 7:40 PM
      As you may know we're preparing game update next week, so I want to give you quick glimpse on what to expect.

      New map areas
      We're going to unlock around 30-40% more of the map space, adding new places to explore - including largest city on the map, jumbo cargo plane crash site and other interesting areas. More spawn points for players, more loot spawns as well. Those who felt a little bit claustrophobic on the map will find this update to be like a fresh air - lots of open spaces, grass fields, etc.

      New zombie characters
      Yes, we're getting more zombies, and we also add new zombie types - I think 4-5 of them, including "special zombies" - so mutated zombie hunt season will be officially open

      New player characters

      We have 4 more characters for you. Two guys, two girls. Each have around 4 different skins

      Clans will be unlocked few days after October 31st. You'll be able to create clan, join clan, contribute to Clan Bank or reward your Clan Members from it. You also will be able to see if there're any clan members around you in the world, as well as have their names highlighted on the Players list screen.

      More items
      More items, especially "building blocks" like barricades, brick walls, etc. Couple cool silenced "improvised" weapons.

      There'll be also tons of bug fixes, some performance optimizations, etc...

      -fixed bug that health was not updated after death
      -fixed player spawning in the air
      -show info about how much bullets left in weapon or ammo clip in inventory screen
      - added missions window to pause screen (for now not active)
      -create new survivor screen: firstly ask for name and mode
      -possible fix for "decompress failed" error
      -possible fix for "audio noise" after playing game for a few minutes
      -fixed an issue where grass was black when pointing flash light at it
      -one more fix for invisible zombies issue
      -player animation fixes
      -some textures have been optimized

      -Allow access to global inventory after you revive a character.
      -Fix a bug on some video cards when terrain is flat.
      -Fixed music volume control in options; it was not working.
      -Fixed a bug when picking up items sometimes you will get kicked from the server.
      -Fixed a crash when moving item from your inventory to your backpack.
      -Another "Unsupported input type" error fix.

      -Legendary users now have yellow text in chat.
      -Flashlights are not longer active while unequipped.
      -Fixed bug when clicking on play game with a dead character.
      -Fixed bug with inventory showing item description when have no access to global inventory.
      -Fixed a bug when zombies die that makes the jump up.
      -Fixed bug with silencer\flash hider not working properly.
      -The server you are on now displays in the pause menu.
      -Fixed bug that was allowed to open attachment menu while inventory was open.
      -Fixed bug removing attachments from pistols.
      -Fixed a crash when entering game for people who have corrupted attachments in their weapons.
      -Improved quick join.
      -fixed bug that if not able to quick join, it would get stuck in progress bar screen.
      -Spawn rates have been fixed.

      Statement von Sergey (21.10.2012 3:49 Uhr)

      Okay, guys please STOP imagining things.

      1) There'll be no PVE only or "PVE oriented" company hosted gameworld servers.

      2) If you want PVE only experience - you'll be able to do that on your private Stronghold or Gameworld server. password protected from all bad guys, open only to your friends and clan.

      3) Right now due two game emechanics exploits an bugs there's shit load people with Mauser sniper rifle. It comes to end NOW. Sniper rifles become super rare and we're going thru accounts and REMOVING excessive loads of sniper rifles that were obtained thru EXPLOITS, server hopping, etc - YES we have logs to identify those players.

      4) We're opening more map space next week, so players will be more evenly distributed around the world.

      5) COOPERATE - guys all FAN of the game is when you play as a group, if you do that - PKers are not a big threat.

      6) Once again we've adjusted spawn rates on weapons/ammo loot. We'll be doing it on daily basis, adjusted based on data we're receiving from game backend.

      -Fixed the Unsupported input type: 56 error
      -Fixed the Ammo Counter not showing
      -Fixed some objects sending you back to the survivor screen
      -Fixed marketplace now showing proper stack size for how many items you are buying at once
      -Add recent games to recent tab in server browser

      -Reputation is now tracked properly.
      -Safe settlements have been implemented.
      -You can no longer access your global inventory anywhere except these settlements.
      -You can not attack other players in settlements.
      -Fixed invisible players and zombies.
      -Fixed some zombie logic.
      -Fixed a red pixel in HUD.
      -Melee weapon exploit fixed

      -Crash fixes
      -Fixed bug that was able to equip weapon into quick slot
      -Fixed a bug where grenades were not damaging zombies
      -Fixed insta kill by melee from behind
      -Fixed chat input turning on when pressing TAB key
      -Fixed pain sound playing when dead
      -Show dead message when you die
      -Show player's alignment and if he is legend in show players window
      -Fixed bug with flashlight staying on after hiding it
      -Can no longer create more than 5 characters.
      -New water\food rates (slower depletion)
      -Fixed player spawn on map
      -Fixed some animations
      -Fixed footstep sounds
      -Fixed collision geometry on some objects

      -We try to cover some of the client crashes
      -Flashlight damage nerfed 10 times - opps
      -Respawn time lowered to 1 hour

      PS : bitte kein SPAM ich werde das hier sobald neue Patch Notes offiziel angekündigt wurden aktualisieren

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      Jo, nach 3 Tagen nur ein paar fixes ist schon blöd.

      Aber am liebsten wäre es mir, wenn sie die ganzen neuen Sachen einfach im Hintergrund fertig machen und bei der Beta dann riiichtig viel releasen.
      Aber ob das so kommen wird ist fraglich.