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      phBot (v11.3.2d) (27.10.2012)

      phBot (v11.3.2d) (27.10.2012) 3.3333333333333 von 5 mit 3 Stimmen
      Hey Leute,

      ich möchte euch hiermit den momentan (18.05.2011) einzigen clientless-fähigen Privat-Bot für Silkroad Online International vorstellen: den phBot!
      Wie der Name schon mehr oder weniger vermuten lässt, wurde er von Projecthax, genauer gesagt von WeeMan geschrieben.


      Spoiler anzeigen
      - Clientless botting
      - Auto use HP/MP potions
      - Auto sit/stand
      - Auto use universal pills
      - Auto use vigors
      - Return on HP potions
      - Return on MP potions
      - Return when out of universal pills
      - Return when inventory is full
      - Return when out of arrows/bolts
      - Return on weapon durability
      - Auto use buffs/skills/imbue
      - Kill steal option
      - Cast skills and buffs in order options
      - Auto buy HP/MP
      - Auto buy Universal pills
      - Auto buy speed drug
      - Auto buy Return Scrolls
      - Auto buy horse
      - Auto buy arrows/bolts
      - Pick filter
      - Auto invite party
      - Auto accept party invites
      - Auto form party in matching system
      - View other players gear
      - Chat for all, party, guild, union, academy, private
      - Chat blocking
      - Script system
      - Player stats
      - Monster avoidance (giants and party)
      - Berserk when 3+ monsters are attacking
      - Berserk when attacking a giant monster
      - Berserk when attacking party monsters
      - Berserk when full
      - Auto add party to matching system
      - Supports iBot scripts

      Here's how auto relog works in phBot.

      Once you have logged in and selected your character with the client or with clientless login the character name is used when relogging. When you disconnect from Joymax the bot will automatically reconnect using your saved username and password from logging in with the client or clientless login.

      You do not need to do anything more except check the box to auto relog and start the bot. The two check boxes do not auto save so you will need to check them each time you start the bot.

      phBot will only run on Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. phBot is not likely to work on a VPS with a virtualized display adapter. This is due to the way Qt renders windows. It requires OpenGL and a dedicated graphics card with more than 64MB of VRAM available.

      2 USD / 2 Wochen
      4 USD / 4 Wochen

      Ihr könnt den Bot mit maximal 3 Leuten (3 PCs, NICHT 3 IPs!) benutzen.

      Erstellt euch einen Account auf und kauft ihn dort unter Control Panel -> Paid Subscriptions (ganz links unten). Oder ihr geht einfach hier drauf:

      Spoiler anzeigen

      - Updated with iSRO
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Updated boost and Qt
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed a parsing problem with certain job transports
      - Updated IP for the new ProjectHax server
      - Fixed speed drugs
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Changed some of the job quest code to prevent disconnect when someone kills you
      - Fixed not showing death message when you die by something other than a monster
      - Fixed disconnect when dying in the script
      - Fixed not returning when dying in the script (job cave or walk script)
      - Speed drugs not being recasted may have been fixed
      - Removed all DLL's and vcredist is no longer needed
      - Added more error handling to the ProjectHax proxy code
      - Fixed not starting the bot after being res'd
      - Updated authentication server IP and ProjectHax proxy IP
      - Fixed clientless login
      - Fixed not restarting the bot when waiting for someone to revive you
      - Fixed not turning in job cave quests when using a pick pet
      - Fixed speed buffs not being cast when walking to the job cave NPC
      - If there is an error in your script it will now show you the line number and the text for that line
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed parsing errors with new skills in the 120 cap
      - Fixed EXP bar not updating
      - Updated ProjectHax proxy code
      - Fixed Devil's Spirit (Was not able to test this)
      - Fixed skills/buffs that were leveled up constantly being re-casted
      - Fixed weird weapon switch problem with characters that do not have a second weapon (was not able to test)
      - Added support for ProjectHax proxy service (not available yet)
      - Fixed ping packet being injected a few times every second
      - Added error detection for text file updates (will automatically take your web browser to the text file URL if it cannot be downloaded by the bot)
      - Fixed some more skill bugs
      - Fixed not recasting moving skills when they are in the attack skill list
      - Changed text file downloading to use Qt (should fix some weird problems)
      - Fixed CPU usage (not completely sure about this)
      - Fixed problems with skills having similar names (not attacking monsters)
      - Fixed Bard tambours/dances
      - Fixed most skill bugs
      - Fixed multiclient
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Rewrote skill class (I tested everything I could except for a few party buffs)
      - Fixed a small issue with storage
      - Added phBot versions to certain log files (easier for me to find out what's wrong)
      - Added more error handling to certain areas of the bot
      - Fixed combine issues with stable items
      - Fixed not appending storage/guild storage packets (parse issues)
      - Fixed storage disconnecting/never opening
      - Increased the delay between opening the npc window and entering the npc
      - Updated with iSRO (text files might be updated later, restart phBot every few hours to find out)
      - Improved unstuck
      - Fixed 'Player_Death.txt' not being in the correct folder
      - Fixed not combining HGP potions and horses
      - Updated Teleport.txt, leveldata.txt, npcdata.txt
      - Added support for the Jupiter temple (This hasn't been fully tested)
      - Fixed not going back to town in the script (Again this is hard to test)
      - Added automatic updates for text files
      - Added DoJupiter to the script creator dialog
      - Fixed parsing errors with Protector Seal's
      - Fixed multiclient
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed pet/horse not being healed when it has a status
      - Added support for teleporting by NPC names (not with Guide's yet)
      - Fixed items with apostrophe's not being added to the pick filter database
      - Fixed not being able to search for items with apostrophe's in the pick filter
      - Fixed not selecting the closest item
      - Fixed 'IP limit exceeded' error code not being correct
      - Updated boost
      - Fixed not locking a mutex when adding an NPC (could cause a crash)
      - Improved NPC removal
      - Fixed potential disconnect problems when trying to move to the training area and you are too far away
      - Fixed parsing fire traps and force circles
      - Training range of 0 will no longer reset to 50
      - Fixed a parsing problem after the inspection
      - Fixed parsing certain storage items
      - Fixed not attacking when being stunned?
      - Fixed a few problems with knock down and monster death
      - Fixed spamming universal pills when a status is incurable with universal pills
      - Added using and buying purification pills
      - Fixed parsing certain item mall items
      - Fixed a dead lock problem
      - Updated boost
      - Fixed not using Ghost Walk - God when in town
      - Fixed parsing job armor
      - Fixed guild storage
      - Fixed Devil's Spirit
      - Fixed parsing fortress war summon scrolls
      - Fixed parsing guild storage item removal
      - Fixed crash issue when storing items at guild storage
      - Fixed protect party members
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed walking around when 'Don't walk around' is ticked
      - Added data load percent
      - Fixed HGP potions
      - Waiting at the job cave should now work
      - Added the ability to store items in guild storage (walk to guild storage first if you want to store items there)
      - Removed waiting for HackShield packet
      - Parsed guild storage items
      - Fixed 'Start bot on login'
      - Fixed parsing golden tickets
      - Added 'Wait for HackShield packet' (you do not need to do anything)
      - Fixed party right click options
      - Fixed Alexandria South script problems
      - Fixed HGP buy problems
      - Fixed not sorting HGP potions
      - Fixed scroll bar style sheets
      - Changed log to a text widget
      - Changed max chat/log characters to 5000 instead of 2000
      - Added numbers to the left of the party list
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Added attack pet options
      - Added MD5 hashes for data files (so noobs are forced to replace them)
      - Fixed items not being sorted
      - Fixed client crashing at Alexandria stable
      - Updated data files
      - Fixed pick filter check boxes not saving
      - Added 'Pick other player's items'
      - Added an Update button for the pick filter. It will check all of the data in Items.txt and compare it against the filter database and add new items if they do not exist.
      - Fixed parsing errors
      - Fixed script creator button being enabled before you login to Silkroad
      - Updated with iSRO v1.310
      - Fixed pick filter
      - If there are errors when creating/loading pick filter items it will now show them (POST A SCREEN SHOT OF THE ERROR)
      - Fixed pick filter
      - Fixed GUI not responding when Silkroad is teleporting
      - Added new pick filter (this will replace all the checkboxes on the 'Pick Filter' tab) maybe not this update but the next
      - Added an extra 10 second delay when entering the Donwhang Cave
      - Fixed script recording not working correctly
      - Fixed comments not being saved in the script
      - Added DoScript button to the script creator
      - Fixed training area X,Y not changing when you load a new script
      - Fixed party buffs not loading correctly
      - Fixed a potential memory problem with imbue (calling memset on an stl string is bad..)
      - Added 'Script: Waiting XXXX milliseconds' to show up in the log
      - Fixed being able to select multiple party members (should only be able to select one at a time)
      - Fixed certain text being black and unreadable under < Vista
      - Removed row numbers on the party member list
      - Fixed being able to increase the size of the dock widget
      - Fixed imbue
      - Fixed Howling Shout
      - Added script creator GUI and teleport GUI
      - Fixed a path bug with walk scripts
      - Upgraded Qt and boost
      - Fixed dock widget displaying 'phBot' then immediately displaying nothing
      - Fixed speed drug
      - Fixed NPC problems when you are not botting
      - Added data version check
      - Fixed buffs
      - Updated Skills.txt
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Rewrote most of the code that determines if a buff is active or not (I tested buffs and party buffs and they both worked with the new method)
      - Fixed ignoring cave monsters that were invisible then become visible later
      - Added SOCKS proxy authentication
      - Improved unstuck
      - Fixed not displaying an error message during authentication (crashes)
      I'll give everyone a few extra days in a few minutes.

      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed using berserk when there are only two monsters attacking you
      - Fixed relog not working
      - Fixed a small disconnect bug with pick pet
      - There might be a weird problem with invalid target
      This new version will use the new auth server. So if you recently bought time (today) it should work now.
      - Updated auth server IP
      - Fixed a crash problem when removing comments
      - Improved unstuck
      - Update with iSRO
      - Fixed party
      - Improved stability if there are parse errors and you try to remove a skill
      - Added "return if not attacked within"
      - There shouldn't be any more problems with data
      - Started using Joomla for subscriptions
      - Fixed parsing job inventory
      - Getting stuck trying to buy items from NPC's should be fixed now
      - Started using boost beta (should fix certain data problems)
      - Fixed not accepting group res
      - Fixed disconnect in town after you die
      - Changed chat dialog's to use text edits instead of list boxes
      - Fixed a crash problem when being in town
      - Fixed not displaying plus and level correctly on the player tab

      If you have problems loading data do this:

      Close every single phBot.

      Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\

      Go to C:\ProgramData\

      Delete the folder named 'boost_interprocess'
      - Fixed title changing from the old version to the new version
      - Fixed shared memory issues (added a message box if there are issues)
      - Added server, player name, and minimize button to the client
      - Improved threads
      - Fixed sometimes minimizing the wrong client if you start 2 or more at the same time
      - Improved CPU usage when the bot is walking
      - Changed bot window to say 'Disconnected' when you first start it and removed an extra dash between 'phBot' and the version
      - Removed phData completely, uses shared boost::map's now
      - Fixed not opening job cave NPC's for quests
      - Added 'Exiting NPC' message for all npc's
      - Improved script creation
      - Fixed A* 'Status of justice' avoidance
      - Fixed a possible problem with emergency buffs (it might have been possible for it to get stuck while doing emergency buffs)
      - Added secondary weapon emergency buffs
      - Re-added pick first checkbox
      - Added the ability to change the emergency buff percentage
      - Improved Dimension pillar avoidance (won't attack monsters in a 15 radius, so skills that ark between monsters wont hit the pillar)
      - Fixed a potential problem where the bot could attack a monster that is near a Statue of Justice
      - Fixed switch monster after two DOT
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Mana Cycle should work fine now
      - Gave every 2 extra days

      - Fixed a problem with phData
      - Updated Skills.txt to include more data

      - Updated with iSRO
      - Improved NPC buy speed
      - Added 'pick specialty goods' (I don't know if these can be picked with a pet or not)
      - Fixed always returning to town when you have a thief/hunter suit on
      - Improved phData
      - Changed 'BSObj Plugin' error to show 'Update SRO' instead
      - Mana Cycle hasn't been fixed. I need to do some more testing

      - Updated with iSRO
      - Added new resurrect options
      - Fixed parsing trade caravan's
      - Fixed parsing new alchemy stones
      - Added SP/minute SP/hour (probably not accurate at all)
      - Removed useless skills from the imbue list
      - Improved resurrect speed
      - Removed rSRO
      - Fixed not casting Grass Walk/Moving March/Noise in the script
      - Fixed chat
      - Fixed log time not being displayed correctly
      - Fixed parsing new socket stone's
      - 'Leave if party leader' should work fine now
      - Added the ability to change the delay between coordinates in the script (can be disabled too)
      - Fixed a problem with the party
      - Updated with iSRO
      - rSRO will no longer work! Do not try to use this version with it!
      - Updated A* for avoiding Statue of Justice
      - Added script buffs and removed some check boxes for buffs in the script
      - Re-do your config!
      - Added '--loginserver' to the command line

      - Fixed not picking up items
      - Fixed parsing job pouch items
      - Fixed not botting if you cancel a return scroll
      - Fixed parsing 'Specialty Good Box'
      - Fixed constant weapon switching when a res skill is in the list
      - Fixed clientless to client
      - Fixed parsing chinese force circles
      - Fixed disconnect problem caused by universal pills
      - Fixed not buying recovery kit's and HGP potions
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed disconnect problem when logging in (lots of server traffic may cause the client to disconnect at the login screen)
      - Added the ability to use shield buffs for Chinese characters (make sure the shield is in the first inventory slot)
      - Added a list box for the leave if party leader is not ...
      - Added the ability to use comments in all scripts with # or //

      - Update A* algorithm (no, not auto walk)
      - Add 'cast two DOT then switch'
      - Script buffs
      - Fixed 'All chat' display issue
      - Rewrote command line processing
      - Fixed auto res
      - Removed 30 second delay for auto res
      - Added emergency buffs to the script
      - Added removing of swear filter from iSRO
      - Added walking to the dead player first so it's not constantly switching between weapons
      - Fixed not combining arrows and bolts
      - Upgraded boost
      - Fixed a few pick pet problems
      - Added the ability to toggle EmptyWorkingSet() on Silkroad and phBot
      - Fixed lag caused by security table
      - Fixed lock issue
      - Fixed disconnect when dying (tried to summon the pet when teleporting)
      - Reduced CPU usage (hash_map + less calls)
      - Fixed speed drug
      - Fixed 'freeze' problems
      - Fixed slow walk in the script when you have 'Cast second buffs in script' (didn't I fix this already?)
      - Fixed slow walk in the job cave
      - Fixed 'Stop luring if more than' check box and value field
      - Fixed not recasting party buffs if that player disconnects
      - Reduced phBot memory by ~4MB
      - Added comma's to certain items on the dock
      - Increased dock update delay (2 -> 5 seconds)
      - Fixed not updating the dock right away when you bring the window back from the system tray
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed use lower skills not working
      - Added 'Attacking lower monsters first' option
      - Added 'Stop luring if more than x party members are dead'

      - Fixed a 'Setting script coordinates' bug

      - Not returning when out of arrows/bolts
      - Fixed bot thread being started multiple times
      - Fixed not showing the bot being stopped if you are too far away from the training area
      - Fixed not showing "Disconnected" in the title
      - Fixed mana cylce not recasting after teleport
      - Added potion use delays on the Protection tab. MAKE SURE YOU SET A VALUE ABOVE 500!!!!!!
      - Fixed screens recasting
      - Fixed not detecting tambour's for dances
      - Fixed CPU usage problems
      - Updated phData.exe to detect problems with text files
      - Fixed problems in Items.txt
      - Improved auth (if you're that one person that gets that strange bug then it should be fixed)
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Rewrote most of the party buffing code (everything should work now)
      - Fixed slow walking in town
      - Improved CPU usage
      - Fixed not casting Moving March in the script
      - Increase speed of Mana Cycle
      - Fixed not recasting Mana Cycle when a player teleports
      - Fixed parsing Pandora's Box monsters
      - Fixed buttons in phBot
      - Updated phData to alert you if it crashes due to not being able to load the text files

      - Fixed constantly casting Grass Walk in scripts and town

      - Fixed auto res
      - Fixed not being able to remove certain skills from the party buff list
      - Added zoom in/out buttons for the map
      - Added training radius to the map

      - Fixed map displaying the wrong location, this could lead to other weird issues
      - Updated with iSRO
      - Fixed inventory combine issues



      SL4X aka BlueFlame

      Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 199 mal editiert, zuletzt von SL4X ()

      Minato-2112 schrieb:

      gibt es eigentlich noch wenn der für psc Zeit drauf macht?
      Naja mein bot stuckt immer,und wenn ich porte sind meine Speed Drugs Void rando..
      bei mir attackt er auch keine event mobs

      Eventmobs wurden gefixt. PSC funktioniert nicht mehr.

      - Added emergency buffs for primary buffs (<= 50% HP)
      - Fixed potential stack issues while saving the config
      - Fixed parsing certain new "Premium" item mall items
      - Fixed parsing snow man in rSRO
      - Fixed not picking Dimension pillar items
      - Removed temp config
      - Added server Mena
      - Added SOCKS5 support (no authentication)
      - Fixed Devil Spirit (tries to cast it, if it can't it will wait 2 minutes then try again)

      merwin09 schrieb:

      Hi , Leute vll. kann mir einer von euch weiter helfen mein phbot zeigt mir nicht die skills an ...
      Außerdem kommt die Meldung " Error.txt....."
      Wird der Char den erkannt ? Anonsten ...
      #1 Today, 02:26 AMWeeMan Administrator
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      phBot Release 10.4.4
      Use your forum account to login. Every feature should be very self explanatory. If you have any questions or bugs to report please visit this section

      You are NOT allowed to re-upload any attachments below! Users found doing this will be given a warning then permanently banned from this site.

      Using 3rd party programs directly violates the EULA for "International Silkroad Online", "Russian Silkroad Online", and "Chinese Silkroad Online." We will not be held responsible for bans or character loss. Use at your own risk.

      - Added emergency buffs for primary buffs (<= 50% HP)
      - Fixed potential stack issues while saving the config
      - Fixed parsing certain new "Premium" item mall items
      - Fixed parsing snow man in rSRO
      - Fixed not picking Dimension pillar items
      - Removed temp config
      - Added server Mena
      - Added SOCKS5 support (no authentication)
      - Fixed Devil Spirit (tries to cast it, if it can't it will wait 2 minutes then try again)

      See a full list of command line commands here

      Please upload your "playerdata.log" file directly to the site if you have no skills!