Seach Staff for a new Server

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      Seach Staff for a new Server


      we want to create a new pServer for the Game Silkroad and search for some persons to help us to improve the Server.

      At the moment we are in developing and search for new ideas and a pk2 editor.

      We have many experience with the server files and the database.

      We are searching for:
      • PK2 editor (prefer german person)
      • Gamemaster (more active than support)
      • Supporter
      • Advertising person

      • i7 3770
      • 32GB
      • win2k8 R2
      • only for gameserver

      • i7 3770
      • 32GB
      • win2k8 R2
      • only for gameserver

      • i7 3770
      • 32GB
      • win2k8 R2
      • only for MSSQL
      • SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition

      • prOxy (Server-Dev, MSSQL-Dev, Designer)
      • Foxy (Web-Dev, MSSQL-Dev)
      • Techny (Gamemaster, Advertising on facebook)

      What tools we use?
      • Teamspeak 3 (communication)
      • Collabtive (project mangement)
      • Heidi SQL (SQL-tool)
      • MSSQL-Management Studio (SQL-tool)
      • SVN (software versioning)

      Language that we speak:
      • german
      • english

      You interested to join our team, than write an email to


      and write some information about your self and how you can help us.

      Thank you for your time.


      OVerDose Team

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