Velestia - 90 cap

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      Velestia - 90 cap

      Velestia - 90 cap
      Velestia 2.0
      (Reopening on 23.06. 16:00 servertime)

      General Summary

      • Cap | 90

      • Race | Chinese

      • Exp | 30x

      • SP | 20x

      • Alchemy | 1x

      • Drop Rate | 1x
        [spoiler]Exception: 9th degree - 30% gold dropping | 30% item selling price [/spoiler]

      • IP Limit | 3

      • Mastery level | 300

      • Job rates | custom

      • Silk/h | 1

      Special features - quick overview

      • Auto equipment system
        From level 1-75 your character gets the the currently highest level available items automatically. All you need to do is to teleport.

      • Custom SoX system

      • Custom title system

      • Custom job system

      • Custom honor system

      • Unionlimit set to 4 guilds/union

      • Custom unique system

      Skill changes
      • Force: Impotent removed

      • Force: Debuff chance decreased

      • Bicheon: Attack damage increased(3%)

      • Heuksal: Stun chance decreased(5%)

      • Cold: Added new mastery levels for snow shield

      • Lightning: Final grass walk speed increased to 105%

      Item changes
      • Reverse scrolls: 60 seconds cooldown ~Still in work

      • Resurrection scrolls: disabled

      • Tablets & elements: disabled

      • Damage scrolls: decreased from 20%->10% (stack with dmg increase buffs)

      • Advanced elixirs: disabled

      • Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed

      • Globals: Added level restriction and increased price

      • Item stacks: increased for various items

      • Vigor grains: nerfed and added to shops ~Still in work

      • Devil spirit: disabled

      • Seal of sun d9: disabled

      • Seal of moon d9: buffed up to be +3 stronger than normal d9 last tier items

      Job system

      • Old jobsystem (ofc)

      • Job level can be increased up to level 40
        Job level will be resetted monthly so that new players have the chance to reach the top in the jobbing ladder

      • Job kills(!) increase your joblevel

      • Auto cheat detection for thief contribution cheaters (Doing that will lead into a 24h contribution ban)
        [spoiler]Like in this[/spoiler]

      • Honor buffs for the highest leveled jobbers

      • Auto title granting for highest leveled jobber of each fraction
        Trader: Monopolist
        Hunter: Mighty Protector
        Thief: Vicious Thief

      • Unique [Wanted] title for the top jobber of all fractions.
        [spoiler][Wanted] title does also add a [#1] in front of your job alias

      • Goods can be stacked up to 120 (more risky but also more profitable)

      • FW transport pets have been buffed
        Behemoth: HP->300k
        Lizard: HP-100k + immune against cold(!), lightning and fire

      • Jobbing grants gold coins (more about that can be found under "Sox coin system")
        [spoiler]Traders: Contribution
        Hunters: Contribution
        Thieves: Contribution + jobkills[/spoiler]

      • Dw cave converted into a jobcave (mobs and uniques lv90~95 spawning)

      • Thieves are also rewarded with iron coins which can be sold for 50mil gold each.

      • Custom trade route which gives 3x higher rewards than any normal trade route!
        [spoiler]Here are 2 videos of the beta version of our trade route, be aware that the route has changed a bit now.
        Traderoute 1
        Traderoute 2

      Unique system

      • Uniques spawn randomly in their natural areas(!)



      • Cerberus(Jangan) and Ivy(Donwhang) added

      • Jobcave uniques (lv90-95) uniques added ~Still in work

      • Uniques dropping special items and granting titles to the killer

      • Nerfed Roc and Medusa to level 90 ~Still in work

      • Uniques drop silver coins (more about that can be found under "Sox coin system")

      SoX coin system

      • Velestia shop selling SOM items
        Hotan: Arena item manager

      • SOM's being sold for coins (copper, silver, gold, arena)

        Copper: Sold for 1b/each at the Velestia shop

        Silver: Dropped by uniques

        Gold: Gained by jobbing

        Arena: Gained by playing "Capture the flag"

        Note: Coins (except for copper coins) are untradeable to ensure that non donators have the same chance of getting SOM's as donators

      Silk system

      • A lot of silk items can be dropped in the jobcave / from uniques

      • 1 silk/h is automatically added to chars above lv85

      • All silk items are tradeable (if you find any which are not, feel free to report this to us)

      • Various donation methods

      FW system(~Still in work)
      • FW kill counting system

      • Auto granting titles for the #1 killer of each fortress war
        [spoiler]Jangan: Samurai
        Bandit: Raider
        Hotan: Chevalry[/spoiler]

      • Rewards for kills


      • Hide n seek (GM hides somewhere and you have to find him)

      • Hide n destroy (A unique is spawned somewhere and you have to find and kill it)

      • Kill the GM (PK the GM doing the event)

      • Race event (Riding from place 1 to place 2 while following the route given by the GM)

      • Murder event (Risky! No rules at all, the last person standing wins. Be aware that you can drop your items)

      • Trivia event (Our global bot will ask question and the one to answer the question first wins) ~Still in work

      • Alchemy event (GM asking for a certain low level item with a certain plus, the first one to fuse it wins)

      • More events on request

      Videos about Velestia


      Random ingame screenshots


      Note für stagetwo: Beide admins (Royalblade, Castiel(ich)) sind deutsch und wir hoffen dass so viele deutsche wie möglich auf den server kommen werden, schreibt uns bei jeglichen problemen/fragen/whatever ruhig hier oder bei facebook an, wir helfen gern ;)
      Bis bald auf Velestia

      aka. Castiel.

      Früherer Dymer/Devias GM.
      Früherer Velestia Admin.

      Skalidor online.