[Atlantis]Cap100►Job/Ctf/Arena►FreeCoins►Cool System

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      [Atlantis]Cap100►Job/Ctf/Arena►FreeCoins►Cool System

      [Atlantis]Cap100►Job/Ctf/Arena►FreeCoins►Cool System
      [SIZE="7"]Atlantis Online Network[/SIZE]
      [SIZE="4"]Offical Links[/SIZE]

      [SIZE="4"]Start items[/SIZE]

      [SIZE="4"]Server Information[/SIZE]
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      Level Cap: 100
      Skill Cap: 100
      Race: Chinese/European
      Mastery Limit: Chinese - 300, European - 200
      Experience: x10
      Skill Experience: x10
      Party Experience: x15
      Item Drop: x5
      SoX Drop: specific
      Gold Drop:specific
      Job Rate: specific
      Alchemy rate: 1x
      High Performance server
      DDoS Protected
      Stable server

      [SIZE="4"]Server Features[/SIZE]
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      Honor rank disabled.

      Disabled Magic Pop.
      Removed Job penalty.
      Removed Guild penalty.
      9 new zerk quests with more powerful beserker.

      Sos +5/+7 Items in npc until 9 degree
      CTF enabled (Atalntis Online Coins).
      Free AC Trader, which selling item mall items for Free AC.

      Sos +5/+7 Items in npc until 9 degree.
      Nice web features.
      Survival Arena.
      Str,int Bot Area
      All alex mobs changed to lvl 100
      specific edit at eu skills for more balance

      [SIZE="4"]Game System[/SIZE]
      New Job System
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      Game Based on Job gold to get set wep and acc

      1Coin = 1 Bill
      Drop Rate Low
      exchange job point ===> Coins Via website


      [SIZE="4"]To Do list[/SIZE]
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      Honor Buff Bassed On Job Rank
      Change Sp To Coins by site
      Plus Notice System
      Add New Uniques

      [SIZE="4"]Look Here[/SIZE]
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      all Rights go to flozz from vehalla online

      [SIZE="4"]U Are skilled Mad Look here[/SIZE]
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      We need Ga's and Supporter's just download game and feed us with ur Cv