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      Hello Dear stagetwo members

      I am working on partybuffing but haven't a example or more information about ptbuffing so i need some example .

      Can someone share codes with me or help me?

      By the way, i am ready for help other bot threads.

      Thanks, Good Luck Everyone
      Mustafa Kemal ATATURK
      I'd propose you try to post this thing new in your mother tongue since it's pretty difficult to make out what you actually mean. Perhaps you'll find some members who can help you with your problem if you enunciate the issue more clearly. ( I didn't rly get what you meant, sorry).

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      As far as I understand, you're trying to code a bot for Silkroad and you want it to be able to use party buffing but you don't know how to implement party buffing, am I right?

      Without further information we can't help you... what are you looking for? Sourcecode examples? What language are you using? Is the rest of your bot working fine (aside from the party buffing issue9? Or are you just looking for the right opcodes and partybuffing packets?