[Sroad | 110 Custom | Low Rates | Constantinople Fortress | Custom Beginner's Area]

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      [Sroad | 110 Custom | Low Rates | Constantinople Fortress | Custom Beginner's Area]

      [Sroad | 110 Custom | Low Rates | Constantinople Fortress | Custom Beginner's Area]


      Some info about our website

      • You can only access it when you register
      • When you registering use valid email because you will need to confirm it
      • In email you will find confirmation code that one you will enter to website where its needed
      • After successful registration you can log in ,download
        ,vote and so on!

      Main Server Information!

      • Server Cap : 110
      • Server Race's : China & Euro
      • Exp -Sp Rate : 2.5x
      • Party Exp Rate : 2.5x
      • Gold Drop Rate : 2.5x
      • Item Drop Rate : 2.5x
      • Alchemy Rate : Not Changed
      • Sox Drop Rate : Not Changed
      • Mastery : 330
      • Job Rate : Increased 2 Times

      Available Fortresses

      • Jangan Fortress
      • Bandit Fortress
      • Hotan Fortress
      • Constantinople Fortress

      Voting via website

      • There is 2 types of points you get!
      • Vote points & Extra points!
      • Vote points are for voting
      • Extra points are for voting count

      About Beginner's Quest & Area!

      Spoiler anzeigen
      • You will begin colosseum
      • There will be 2 new npcs to help you to begin
      • One of them sell potions specials for beginners
      • And another one sells you ammo bolts,arrows
      • Same one who sells ammo has prepaired new quest special for you!
      • You have to kill 100 pumpkins of Styria!
      • Reward lets keep it in secret to keep you satisfied!
      • Dont be afraid of them they are peaceful!
      • Some pictures how it looks!

      Customized Capture The Flag

      • Capture The Flag Reward is Changed!
      • For 10 Tickets you will get special scrool
      • Why its so special you say?
      • It Gives you more 2.5x exp thats why!
      • Its an idea how keep you active ant capture the flag event useful as it has to be!

      PS : There is new town with few more npc and new area just for its nature look!

      About the Sroad's idea!
      Spoiler anzeigen
      The main idea of Sroad is to bring old playing and exploring the world of silkroad online it has awesome landscapes and way more to explore... Most of nova days servers are over edited and overpowered with insane rates and random items areas created of edited to fit what shouldnt be like npc areas stall areas or etc i'd say we will do our best to keep it close to original silkroad as it was in 11th degree update of forgotten world so try us out you will not regret! So we will be waiting for you there! Thanks for reading this... Sincerely Justin!


      To do list:
      More Images from game
      More info

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