LeafSRO - Originality at it's finest | 90Cap - Low Rates - CH/EU - 500k SP - IP Limit

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      LeafSRO - Originality at it's finest | 90Cap - Low Rates - CH/EU - 500k SP - IP Limit

      LeafSRO - Originality at it's finest | 90Cap - Low Rates - CH/EU - 500k SP - IP Limit 5 von 5 mit 1 Stimmen

      Leaf SRO is not a customized server, we wanted to keep the server as close to orginal as possible.
      The only special customization we have made is the roc items can be equipted and used by both races at level 90.

      This server will not have any "Unique events" or any events like that.
      New sort of events will be made, and what sort of events we will make is up to the players to decide.

      You will not get free silk when you create your account, you can either donate or earn silk by completing offers.
      The server will start with ip limit 1, and after a week we will test ip limit 2.
      If it gets abused it will be lowred down to 1 again, this is to prevent goldbotting and afk stallers.

      Leaf SRO Opening Event (7 Days)
      We will open the server with a 7 day event, with a 100 silk as reward.
      Each day at 00:00 the top 10 players with the most exp will get rewarded with 100 silk.

      BUT you are only able to win ONCE, so total 70 players will be able to get rewarded in this event.
      This will start the first day, and end at 01-03-2014.
      Happy hunting!

      Server opens at 22-02-2014 18:00(GMT+1)

      Server Rates
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      [/align]Max Level: 90
      Max Degree: 9
      Mastery: 330
      Races: EU/CHI
      EXP/SP Rate: x10
      Gold Rate: x5
      Item Rate: x3
      Alchemy Rates: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Hard[/COLOR]
      Magic-pop: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Closed[/COLOR]
      Forgotten World: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Closed[/COLOR]
      Devil Spirit: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Removed[/COLOR]
      Coin System: [COLOR="DarkRed"]Never[/COLOR]
      IP Limit: [COLOR="DarkRed"]1 (ip limit 2 will be tested after a week.)[/COLOR]
      Itemmall items: [COLOR="Green"]Tradeable[/COLOR]
      Elixir/Stone: [COLOR="Green"]Stackable[/COLOR]

      Leaf SRO Website (Temporary website)
      Leaf SRO Register (Temporary website)
      Leaf SRO Download (Temporary website)

      Full Client | Media.pk2
      Mirror 1: mega.co.nz | Mirror 1: mega.co.nz
      Mirror 2: docs.google.com | Mirror 2: docs.google.com
      Mirror 3: multiupload.nl | Mirror 3: multiupload.nl

      Starter Items
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      [/align]Speed Scroll
      Pickpet 3days
      500k Skill Points

      [SIZE="4"]Fortress info[/SIZE]
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      [/align]Jangan Fortress
      Every Saturday 18:00 - 20:00

      Caprute The Flag
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      [/align]Starts each full hour.
      Example (16:00, 17:00 etc)
      Reward 1 Trophy per kill, trophys gives you the ususal ctf rewards.

      Battle Arena
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      [/align]Starts each half hour.
      Example (16:30, 17:30 etc)
      Reward 50 Trophy for win and 0 for losing. (Guild and Job)
      Reward 25 Trophy for win and 0 for losing. (Party and Random)
      The trophys gives you the ususal ctf rewards.

      Meet Roc
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      [/align]Gates opens Friday 20:00 (6 hours)
      Gates opens Sunday 16:00 (6 hours)
      Dropps Roc Gear

      [SIZE="4"]Sox and roc gear[/SIZE]
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      You are NOT able to buy the sox for coins or from any npc, its the normal gameplay.
      The sox items can only be dropped from monsters, and the roc gear will be only dropped from Roc.
      Normal beginner sos quest is avalable to level up faster.

      Server Team
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      Game Master


      Server & Community rules.
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      [list]Don't beg for items, gold etc from player or GM's.
      Respect other players, no racism or insult etc.
      You are not allowed to sell items/accounts for real money.
      Multiple accounts online are not allowed, 1 account per human.
      Goldbotting is not allowed.
      Global chat should only be used with the English language only.
      Do not use any bugs or exploits (Keep them quiet and report it to us, and you will get an reward)
      Scamming or tricking other players are not allowed.
      Do not spam the chat/global for a GM, we will announce when we are online.
      Do not use any items above degree 9, we might have missed it in our configuration.
      (Report us if you get a hold of any items above d9)
      Do not tell us to change the rates, if you dont like it then this server is not for you.

      And most important of all, be kind and make this servers community the best!
      Thank you for reading the rules, and have a nice time at Leaf SRO!

      If you do not like this server please do not flame, instead it's better to let us know what to improve.

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