[Silkroad] Eldorado [Cap 70 Oldschool Files | CH only | Play2Win | Old Job | Mercs]

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      [Silkroad] Eldorado [Cap 70 Oldschool Files | CH only | Play2Win | Old Job | Mercs]

      [Silkroad] Eldorado [Cap 70 Oldschool Files | CH only | Play2Win | Old Job | Mercs]
      Vorab möchte ich mich für die englische Sprache entschuldigen.
      Außerdem möchte ich klarstellen, dass Duplicate, Exchange, Pet, Scroll, Emblem und Mercanery bugs vollständig behoben sind!

      !! Oldschool ECSRO Style !!
      Grand Opening: 07. September 2014

      LIVE Server Stats:

      Official Eldorado Trailer
      *Thank you Weed_Pirate for this Video!

      Eldorados General Infos
      Skills Cap|70
      Mastery Levels|300
      Solo EXP/SP Rates|x10
      Party EXP/SP Rates|x11
      Drop Rate|x10
      Drop Gold|x10
      Quest Rate|x15
      Trade Rate|x15
      SOX| normal Glow
      Silk|Donate & Vote for Silk
      Jewel Box Event| Yes, Jewel boxes!! :D
      HD-Resolution| Yes (1920x1080p)
      Uptime| 99,9%

      EXP for Begginers

      We increased the EXP the following way:
      01->35 : x30
      36->42 : x20
      43->51 : x17
      52->60 : x15
      61+++ : x10

      TO DO

      - fixing trade rate issue
      - fixing Lv68/69 Item drop(FIXED)
      - adding Avatars

      §1 - Do not impersonate anyone of the Eldorado-Team!
      §2 - Do not scam / hack!
      §3 - Do not abuse any bugs/glitches!
      §4 - Don't advertise any other private Server!
      §5 - The only allowed language via global-chat is ENGLISH
      §6 - Do not PK while Events!
      §7 - Getting Pink / Murder while jobbing is forbidden!
      §8 - Always have fun and feel free to contact a GM if you got Problems!

      Every abuse of this rules will lead into a punishment decided by any GM!
      This could be a ban, deactivate chat, removing your items etc.

      Root Info's
      Connection: at least 400Mbit/s via 1GBit/s Port
      RAM: 48GB DDR3
      CPU: Intel Core i7-920 (Hyperthread)
      HDD: SSD 256GB RAID 1
      Backup: 100GB HDD in a Cloud (for a Safe Database)
      DDoS Protect: yes
      Exploit Protect: yes


      • [SPOILER=OVERVIEW]Hey yo, you never played those oldschool Silkroad? Than I have some usefull tips for you!

        When your Level is low, it would be better to avoid traders which pass your way, because in Oldschool Silkroad, NPC-Thiefs can attack players without wearing a Job suit!

        Level up in a 4/4 Distributed Party. In case that in those files are no party mobs, solo grinding is much faster :P (btw, we raised the giant spawn rate :P )

        Try to find a guild as soon as possible. I am sure they will give u their old items like it was in 2006. Coz real oldschools are community players and not those selfish retards.[/SPOILER]
      • Real oldschool
      • old alchemy System
      • iSro Pimp Rates (+7 is hard to reach!)
      • old Layout of map
      • old Mob Emblems
      • higher Mob Spawn Ratio
      • Old Job System including old wanted System!
      • doubled HP of Lv60 Trade Pets
      • [SPOILER=Trade Rates]Trade rates are still on default. We will use the beta to find a perfect match which makes trading most attractive ever!

        We also changed the HP of Fire Ox and Ironclad Trade Horse!
        Ox: 142.000 HP
        Horse: 71.000 HP [/SPOILER]
      • [SPOILER=Improved Item Stacks]
        [table="head"]Item | Old Stack | New Stack
        Elixirs | 1 | 50
        Stones | 1 | 50
        Pots | 50 | 250
        UniPills | 50 | 250
        Vigors | 50 | 250
        Arrows | 250 | 1500
        Pet Pots | 50 | 1500
        Pet UniPill | 50 | 1500
      • [SPOILER=Bugfixes][table="head"]Which bug? | Fixed | Other
        Multiple Scrolls | yes | -
        Guild emblem | yes | -
        Pet Bug | yes | -
        Mercenarys | yes | -
        Item Mall | yes | -
        Exchange Scamm bug | yes | If you use the "search" trick, you will get DC
        Dupe Bug | yes | -
        Thief cheat | no | will be banned if abusing!!

        Dupe Bug: therefore its not real duplicate - its just a scamm trick! be aware of this!
        We have our eyes on this. Dont worry.[/SPOILER]
      • [SPOILER=Some Videos]These Videos are from the Old times. I did not upload them, I just collected them.

        Silkroad Online Trailer
        Silkroad Server: Eldorado (January 2007)
      • [SPOILER=Begginer Help]

        We increased the EXP the following way:
        01->35 : x30
        36->42 : x20
        43->51 : x17
        52->60 : x15
        61+++ : x10
      • [SPOILER=Bot and No DC Client]We just added a working bot which is easy to handle for all. Check our Download section!

        Create a NO DC / NO LAG Multiclient

        Download Bot:

        Setup bot:


      Start Items

      *This items are not trade or storeable!
      *You find your 555k Gold in Storage!!


      Our Team
      [table="head"]Ingame Nick | Job | Language
      [GM]iSimplyTwist | (Owner & Head Admin) | German & English
      [GM]Ra | (Owner & Database Admin) | English
      [GM]Joker | (Head GM & PK2 Editor) | German & English
      [GM]Darkshine | (GM & Supporter) | German & English
      [GM]Moruk | (GM & Supporter) | Turkish & English
      [EM]Mycco | (EM & Advertiser) | English & Estonian
      [EM]Evergreen | (EM & Advertiser) | English & Bulgarian

      Note: GMs won't respond any requests.
      They are responsible for smooth gameplay and for answering your questions.


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      Old Character Panl & Job System:

      Old Job Suits & Equipment Slots

      Old Item-Mall

      Oldschool Map

      Choose your Server

      First Event (09. September 2014)



      Official Client (458MB via Mega)
      Official Client (458MB via files.fm)
      Official Client (458MB via Depositfiles)
      Official Client (458MB via Filedropper)
      *WinRar or 7zip needed to extract!

      Official Autopot (200KB)
      Auto-Pot Problems

      *If you have Problems, run the Autopot as Administrator and "Compatibility Mode Windows XP SP3!
      *Autopot does NOT work in WINDOW MODE


      [/align] [SPOILER=FPS/SCREEN LAGS]Create a Shortcut of sro_client.exe in your Eldorado Folder.
      Right-click this shortcut -> properties -> and add after sro_client.exe this:
      [quote]sro_client.exe 95634 /9 0 0[/quote]

      For me it looks like this than:

      Start the multiclient shortcut than and no SCREEN / FPS lags should occure anymore



      Resolution Problems:
      [SPOILER=Login Problem]

      ------------------------>[SPOILER= Try this ]
      Go to Eldorado Folder -> Delete setting folder -> Start Game -> login -> Back to Eldorado folder -> create Folder "setting" new and than teleport!!!

      [SPOILER=How to enter Window Mode]
      How to enter Window Mode
      Windows 7: ALT + ALT + ENTER
      Windows 8: ALT + WINDOWSBUTTON + ENTER
      Remember: Autopot will not work in Window Mode!

      Why you opend a Cap70 Server?
      -> Because we use isro Files without Euro, that means skills are max. 70...

      Will the Cap raised to 80 maybe?
      -> It is possible by our side! But it depends on the Community, if we would raise it!

      What is the old trade System?
      -> You can be a trader, thief and hunter without choosing an alias name. You have to wait 10 Minutes until you unequipped a job item, to equip another job item again.

      What about the Job Rates?
      -> We higherd them, because trading is the only way to get rich.
      -> Be carefull: a thief can get WANTED Status!

      Does the Guild Mercenarys work?
      -> Yep, they work. Only Guildmasters can activate them.

      Is there any kind of Fortress/Battle Arena or CTF?
      -> No! We are completly Oldschool. We have other contents to keep the server community alive!

      Will the Beta-Chars be deleted after Beta?
      -> Yes they will be deleted! All active testers get a great reward.

      Is the Server already open?
      -> Yea! Grand Opening was on 31. August 2014

      Is it pay2win?
      -> Nope.

      Are there many Events?
      -> Yep. We have a great team which leads you through our Community.

      Where can I find the official Eldorado Time?

      What about bugs?
      [SPOILER=Click here!]
      We fixed all common bugs like multiple Scrolls using, Pet bug in Cave, Duplicate Bug and many more. Due to some database reorgs, some small bugs might happen. Please report them asap to our team, that we can fix it.

      When does VIP and Fembria open?

      VIP & Fembria stays offline for the first time, dont worry, they will come! :P[/SPOILER]


      You wanna report some Bugs or you have Suggestions?

      Click the Picture to Add a Suggestion!

      Eldorado-Register: eldorado-online.net/?register
      Homepage: eldorado-online.net/
      Forum: http://eldorado-forum.tk/