Exadus Online (Pve) |Grand Opening Cap 130-Degree 14-New Areas-New Weapons-New Skills

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      Exadus Online (Pve) |Grand Opening Cap 130-Degree 14-New Areas-New Weapons-New Skills

      2.5 von 5 mit 2 Stimmen

      [Server info]

      Experience Rate: 250x
      Party Experience Rate: 300x
      Gold Rate: 50x
      Drops: 65x
      Alchemy : 3.0x

      [Server Features]
      . Level Cap: 130
      • Degree: 14
      • Mastery Level: 390
      • Coin system.
      • Original Avatars and New Avatars.
      • New Thief Avatar.
      • Fellow pets.
      • Custom skill effects.
      • unique summon scrolls.
      • Arabia town / mobs.
      • New Special TItle names.
      • Special edited countries dragon flags.
      • SILKS DROP.
      • Stones at npc.
      • Battle arena.
      • New uniques.
      • Working FTW Jangan,Bandit,Hotan,Costanitnapole.
      • Old School Trading.
      • Potions and Pills Stackable to 500.
      • Stones Stackable to 50.
      • Enable Advanced Elixirs +4 +5.
      • Enable Magic Pop 5x.
      • 3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
      • New Zone PVP.
      • New Zone For uniques Event.
      • New Area.
      • Petra Fully Working.
      • New Teleports.
      • Premium stats 20%.
      • Job Temple.
      • Auto Pvp Event.
      • Added New Speed Scrolls.
      • JG,HT Custom NPC 10D,D11,D12,D13,D14 Sun Set and Accessory.
      • Exadus Silk Drop From Alex,Jupiter,Baghdad Mobs To Get Avatar,Pet's And More.

      [Npcs For E Silk] ( Drop From Mobs )

      [Donation Npcs]

      [New Areas]

      [New Skills]

      [New Weapons]

      [Server staff]

      [Server on Owned Vps in USA]

      Website: Exadus
      -Download: Exadus-Online
      Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Exadus-Online/363501920483353
      -Facebook group :facebook.com/groups/337033856456726/

      [Server Launched] : NOW:::