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      |GBroad - Online| |110 - 11DG| |PVP & PVE CONTENT| Protection | Never Closing

      we are here to represent to you a server which is the best Old School Server
      with the old iSro features.


      2015 ~ 2016

      Game Information


      Server Rates

      Mastery: 360
      Exp :x150
      Skill Points: x150
      Item Drop: x150
      Gold Drop: x150
      FGW: On Best Rate.
      CTF: On
      Arena: On
      Hotan Fortress: On

      Start Items

      Basic Server Information


      Screenshots Map Unique Drop Arena Coin

      Survival Arena System works on last 1 Won

      1- Go To The Storage And Register To Be Leader Of Academy .

      2- Join To Survival Event Every 2 Hour If You Win You Take Some Scroll .
      3- Click At This Scroll You Will Take 1 Point = 1 Graduate .

      4 - Plus This Points To Be First Because This Is Rank .

      we hope that you follow our rules, in order to have a great journey in GB ROAD

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