✯LegionSro ✯ Cap 140 ✯ Skills 140lv ✯ Styria Event ✯ Long Term ✯ Vote 4 Silks ✯

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      ✯LegionSro ✯ Cap 140 ✯ Skills 140lv ✯ Styria Event ✯ Long Term ✯ Vote 4 Silks ✯

      ✯LegionSro ✯ Cap 140 ✯ Skills 140lv ✯ Styria Event ✯ Long Term ✯ Vote 4 Silks ✯

      We decided to make classic gameplay with some custom features,
      At our server you starting in default zones and gain experince same like global servers, we developed late game, by adding coin system, events, active job and other systems that would make the game more playable and fun as you can see we don't really have a lot of features but that its because we want to keep at as simple as posbile for people to obtain and ger last gear items.

      Information|Rates ect:
      Exp| 100
      Sp| 100
      Gold| 10
      Cap| 140
      Skills| 140
      Mastery(CH/EU)| 420/280
      Alchemy| Medium
      Job rates| Custom (High)
      Vote for Silks| Yes
      CTF| Yes
      BA| Yes
      Roc Gate| Yes
      Medusa| Yes
      Fortress war| Yes
      Titan invasion| Yes
      Captcha| No
      IPLimit| 3
      Files| vsro 1.188
      Botting allowed| Yes

      We have added starter item to help people out at the first lvls as we all know it is pretty hard to lvl up without any help at the start.
      The starter pack includes:
      -White Wolf
      -50 million gold
      -1 million SP
      -Rabbit 3 days
      -4-Week skill gold time ticket
      -1k mp hp to help out
      -100% moving speed scrolls 10x
      -20 return scrolls
      You can also see the image for the starter items.

      We have added upgrade system for something new into the game as we don't want the server to be all botters we have added them to make some activity through out the gameplay and players you can see the guide below on how to upgrade ur items.

      We have added upgrade items system.

      In Legion Shop you can find, two scrolls:
      Item Upgrader

      ( D13 Sun > D14 SOM > D14 SUN )
      Super Item Upgrader

      (D14 SUN > D15 SOM > D15 SUN)
      Just need put item to upgrade into 1st slot of your inventory, then use “Item Upgrader”,

      We have added the newest 15 DG that is made by joymax to the server you can watch this video made by XENijX you can watch it down below.


      everyone will find something for himself. :)

      140 skills

      We have added fully working 140lv skills ( CH and EU),
      every skill its possible upgrade up to 140lv.

      Additionally, we have added custom skills to better balance between races.

      New Event

      What is styria ?
      Styria is a special area where you can drop Arena Coins, by killing Pengiuns
      How to get there ?
      For first, you need to drop Key recipe

      Key recipe you can get by killing one of two unique (Kidemonas or Geenie)
      Teleports are placed in Hotan.


      Required Elements you can drop in Catacomb.

      By killing GhostsSungSung

      Put these item crystal into Alchemy window

      then “Manufacture” it.
      You’ll receive “key of Styria Room”

      Now you can teleport to Styria Room, in Hotan Gate.

      After teleport you’ll see notice about you have 5 minutes to killing Penguiuns

      Every Penguin drop Arena Coin

      After 5 minute, you will be teleported back to Hotan.


      Fully working Baghdad with zones are available.


      We added vote for silks feature at website, now you can earn silks for free.

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      2016-11-24 Inspection changelog:
      • Job Arena now its required 6(Traders/Hunters) vs 6 (Thieves) to start.
      • Ghost grab pet now its tradable.
      • Some quest items now albe sell into NPC.
      • Fixed few HWT uniques drops.
      • Apis respawn set to every 1 hour.
      • Added notice to Pvp zone 1 about to high level.
      • Blocked using zerk scroll outside FW
      • Red scourge wings now flying
      • Changed Soul Spear - Emptiness animation.
      • Performance optimization