[EVX Sro][Oldschool server][Cap 80][Chinese only]

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      [EVX Sro][Oldschool server][Cap 80][Chinese only]

      [EVX Sro][Oldschool server][Cap 80][Chinese only]

      We are glad to announce you the opening of our new 80 CAP server "ELITE".
      We thank you all for your great interest in our new server and think that all experienced 80 CAP OLD ISRO players will love it as "ELITE" will be as hard as "ISRO".
      We wish you a pleasant game and welcome you to Evx Sro world...

      Membership and Official Website

      ServerFacebook page: EVXServers
      Website: EVX - Online
      ServerSign up: Reg

      Starting Items

      When you first log in to the game the items will be found on your character is like in the image below

      Downlad Links


      Information About The Game

      Exp Rate : 1x
      SP Rate : 1x
      Gold Rate : 1x
      Drop Rate : 1x
      Trade Job : 10x
      Cap : 80
      Degree : 8D
      Race : CH
      Mastery : 300

      Old System Trade

      We tried to make alchemy look old as good as we can. We hope you will like this feature at Evx Sro.

      -: alchemy :-

      We raised price of the dress for avoiding Silk Item trade.