Vi - The Piltover Enforcer und sonstiges

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      Vi - The Piltover Enforcer und sonstiges

      Vi - The Piltover Enforcer und sonstiges
      Greetings PBE Summoners,
      I am happy to announce that our final champion of the year is now (or soon will be) available for testing on the PBE.

      Allow me to introduce Vi, the Piltover Enforcer. Imagine two giant hextech gauntlets. Now imagine a total badass who loves using those gauntlets to hit things. Hard. That's Vi in a nutshell.

      Have you ever wished you could punch an enemy with such an impact that you hit the enemies behind it? If your answer is yes, you may enjoy playing Vi.

      Have you ever had the desire to wind up a punch powerful enough to carry you across the battlefield, clocking anyone unlucky enough to get in your way? If your answer is yes, you may enjoy playing Vi.

      Have you ever wanted to indiscriminately bowl through an enemy team, wiping the smirk off that AD carry's face as you slam it into the ground? If your answer is yes, well, you get the idea.

      Vi is all about powerful punches. She's a high mobility high damage bruiser who picks a target, launches herself into the fray, and makes that target deal with her. So what are you waiting for? Go try her out. I'd love to hear your feedback. Best of luck on the Fields of Justice!

      I have three major things I'm looking for feedback on:

      A) Is Vi fun to play against and play as?
      - Is this a champion you enjoy playing? Is this a champion that you are okay having on the opposing team? Do you feel there are ample opportunities for counterplay? What aspects of her are frustrating? What aspects are really cool?

      B) Does Vi feel right when you play her?
      -Are her punches too sluggish? Too fast? What are you building? Does it feel good on her? Should it feel good on her? Are you hitting skills when you expect to hit them? Do her animations and particles look right? How are her sounds? Is she too loud? Too quiet? etc.

      C) Is Vi someone you feel is worth bringing to a team?
      Assuming she eventually hits a "balanced" state, when you see someone on your team pick her are you going to feel good about it? Why or why not?

      If you have any feedback that doesn't fall under one of the above topics I'd still love to hear it.

      If you find a bug don't post it here!

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