Neuer DayZ Epoch Server: HFU Chilloutzone

  • Hi zusammen,

    wir würden euch gerne auf einen neuen Dayz Epoch Server einladen: die HFU Chilloutzone


    In Kontakt treten könnt ihr auf

    Unser Server richtet sich an erwachsene Spieler, die mit unseren vier Kernprinzipien übereinstimmen:

    - die Inflation wird gering gehalten. Unser Ziel ist nicht wie auf
    anderen Servern, Massenhaft Gold/Briefcases in Umlauf zu bringen.
    Traderpreise, AI Events, Baraken-Verfügbarkeit und Fahrzeug/Flugzeug
    Spawn wurde auf einander abgestimmt.

    - Balance. Es gibt viele Wege, um eine Base aufzubauen und dafür
    notwendiges Gold / Materialien zu farmen (AI Events, ein paar extra
    Gebäude, Optimierte Fahrzeugspawns und -Anzahl. Es wird nicht nur "einen
    besten Weg" geben.

    - Fair play.

    - Aktive Admins, die garantiert ihre Macht nicht missbrauchen. Wir haben
    selbst immer wieder erlebt, wie frustrierend ein Adminmissbrauch sein
    kann - dies gibt es bei uns nicht, garantiert!

    Anbei eine (noch englische) Beschreibung unseres Servers, der Regeln und unserer Ziele:


    We are providing a server for mature players who want to enjoy a
    fair-play environment. These are the core principles that we followed to
    make sure that the game play on our servers is fair, challenging and

    No inflation - The loot on our servers corresponds to the Epoch
    standards. We added a handful of extra buildings to make sure there are
    multiple points of interest in Chernarus. You'll find the list of added
    buildings below.

    • Balance - Epoch offers a variety of things to do and our server
      puts an emphasis on that by balancing different ways of farming and AI
      events so that there is no best way but many different ways to gear up
    • Fair play - We've seen a lot of grief play and unfair play in Epoch
      which solely aims at destroying someone's game experience. We have
      established a set of fair play rules to avoid that
    • Honourable Admins - We know about the power of admin tools and the
      always lingering doubt when fighting against server admins, thus we
      restricted admin access to one guy on our team, everyone else has
      moderation privileges. We are all in our thirties and won't spoil our
      DayZ fun by abusing admin powers. We want to get your trust as players.

    The fair-play policy

    • No stealing of items or vehicles in safe zones
    • No camping of trading zones.
    • No betrayal: Be honest about your intentions. Don't lie about being
      friendly. If you want to murder someone: Say so or say nothing, but
      don't lie. Betrayal is one of the main reasons why this community is so
      broken. Some might argue it is an aspect of the game. We think it makes
      players paranoid and destroys the possibility to work together (to
      participate in AI events for example). Your word is binding
    • No f*cking with peoples bases: Our bases are indestructible for a
      reason. Don't block gates or mess with someone else's construction.
    • No blocking of high value loot points (e.g. baracks) or points of intrests (e.g. traders) with bases / constructions.

    Feature list

    The additional scripts we added are aimed at improving your Epoch
    experience while maintaining the challenging nature of the game.

    • 5 Safezones: Trader City Bash, Trader City Stary, Trader City Klen, Aircraft Dealer, Hero Trader
    • Anti theft in safe zones
    • Indestructible bases
    • Remove buildable objects if you are the owner
    • Self Bloodbag
    • AI Events
    • Auto Refuel
    • Supply Drop Events

    Custom Buildings

    The main goal was to make the map more interesting and providing more variety through some additional points of interest.

    • Kamenka - office, firestation, factory
    • Balota - 2 additional military tents, 2 additional small medical tents
    • Novy Lug - Custom base comprising 2 Barracks and one Field Hospital (designed to be the eastern counterpart of NWAF)
    • NWAF - 1 additional Barracks
    • Zelengorsk - firestation and 4 small medical tents
    • Guglovo - Hospital
    • Moglievka - factory

    AI Events

    AI events are designed to be hard. The idea is that survivors have to
    team up to meet this challenge. AI events are meant to provide an
    additional 'thing to do'

    The AI loot can comprise

    • DMR or other high value weapon which cannot be purchased and can
      only be acquired by defeating the AI or killing a player that carries
    • Building materials such as walls or raw materials (small quantities)
    • Gold (a few OZ, not multple briefcases in order to keep the economy balanced)

    AI events will be an alternative to crafting and looting but won't be
    more efficient. The exclusive loot table is a special incentive to face
    the AI.


    Traders won't sell high end weapons such as LMGs and high end snipers.
    We want players to have an incentive to loot Barracks and fight AI to
    get their high end gear.

    Vehicles and Armed Vehicles

    Fixing up and selling cars is an important part of Epoch, thus we'll be
    monitoring the amount of cars on the map. We currently have 300 but
    might increase the number once the server gets more populated. The idea
    is to be able to find a car on foot within 30-60 minutes.

    Armed vehicles are very expensive. We don't want to make it impossible
    to own an armed vehicle but we also don't want the fighting on the
    server be dominated by vehicles. Armed vehicles are designed to be

    Admin Team

    Our team currently consists of 5 guys, mostly in their thirties. We are
    living in different time zones, so we are able to provide admin services
    throughout most of the day.