Skydevil Cap 100 ( New Honor system - Free silk - New Unique System - New Jop rate - Auto Title System)

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    Welcome to SkyDevil Online

    General Summary

    Cap | 100
    Chinese Only
    Exp | 250x
    SP | 200x
    IP Limit = 10
    CoinSystem not only based on Contribution
    MaxPlus Possible is 13

    Sktdevil Offers a lot of free content that can be attained by simple activeness. Also all avatars can be bought with FREE silk per hour

    [OVERLINE]Small Changes / Features

    Silk system by unique killer when kill Normal Unique get 1 silk free + free silk every hour
    Medusa auto reward 30 silk for kill
    Aquila Auto reward 10 silk for kill
    Goliath Auto reward 10 silk for kill
    Morgoth Auto reward 10 silk for kill
    Auto Title System When Kill Normal Unique Get Title Name Like'Tiger Girl Slayer'+more Damge
    Honor Ranking By Jop System(Ranking)c
    CTF Working
    FW Working
    60 Seconds CoolDown for Reverses
    Medusa gate opned for 30 min
    Ressurrection Scrolls Disabled
    Tablets Disabled
    Nice Stone Drop Rate
    New Stone Fuse Rate
    Useless Drop removed ie. Pills
    Defense Scrolls Disabled
    Sun Items at a NPC for Gold,Silver,Arena,Copper Coins. (Check Below )
    Awesome trade rate (Practically 25 * are possible)
    Purification Pills
    Various Stacks changed

    Get Sun by Coin System

    Activity-Controlled Anti Cheat.
    How it Works:

    Gold Coins
    can get gold coins from all Unique in jangan cave like
    ( B1- camp8 - camp11 - camp15 - B3 - all Medusa unique )
    Silver Coins
    can get Silver coins from all Normal Unique like ( Tiger - Lord - Demon - isy - etc... )
    Copper Coins
    can get Copper coin from NPC in hotan 1 coin =1B

    [OVERLINE] New Unique Get Auto reward 50 silk for kill[/OVERLINE]

    More scren for Server

    [b]Now Time for Wep Features

    * Top Gold Rank
    * Top Plus Rank
    * Guild ranking
    * Jop Ranking Trade&Hunter and Thief
    * Check [GM]log
    * Check Online Player
    * Check Online [GM's]s
    * Last 30 Global chat
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