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  • Golden Sro

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    ►Level cap |110.
    ►ITEM DROP|x75
    ►DDoS Protected|Yes
    ►Constantinople Fortress War|Yes
    ►Capture the flag|Yes
    ►Permission to use bot|Allowed.
    ►IP Limit [3] |When you connect a fourth character, all other characters get disconnected simultaneously.
    ►Alchemy Rates | Mid rates :)
    ►MaxStack | 10k


    These are the features that a normal server has. Most people open a server with just these few features and think it will be successful.

    ►Start Items

    ►110 Level .
    [B]►Devil .
    [B]► 15% Premium
    [B]►50 Reverse Scrolls
    [B]►Rabbit grappet 3days

    Our equippable item changes are pretty simple to understand. The damage, reinforce and other components which determine the damage of an individual item have to be re-checked and adjusted in order to fit our balance and our idea
    of fairness. We have actually checked each one of those damn 400 3rd gear items in order to improve the gameplay as much as possible.

    Check The list :

    [B]►Resurrection scrolls: disabled
    Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing
    ►Tablets & elements: disabled
    Simply annoying and useless

    ►Defence scrolls: disabled
    Nobody likes potwars

    ►Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed
    ►Globals: Added level restriction and increased price with cool down
    Global spamming sucks

    ►Vigor grains: nerfed to 15% and added to shops
    Disabled Magic POP

    Silk Per Hour
    Just we decided to give silks for all players via automatically system .. so if you had been online for 1 hour , you would have got 50 silk

    Custom Glows & SoX item looks
    Just we choose pretty glows and special looks for the players :)

    ►Job/ Guild waiting time
    Now you dun have to wait too much for Guild or job leaving
    just leave the job or the guild and then you can join to another job or another

    ►Stall Limits & Exchange Limits
    We have changed the stall and exchange limits to 500Bil gold. This enables you to use gold in an easier way and buy items without getting scammed.

    ►Beginner Items

    Just The Egy A Weapons and Set at npc for only 1 gold :)

    ►Egy B Accessory and weapon

    ► How To Get D11 Set Egy B

    Notice : You can get LC and GC with very easy drop ratio :)
    You can get the Egy A [ by the default way ]
    Collect LC and GC from Survival arena to get

    the D11 set Egy B [ RARE ]


    Auto Plus Notice [ from +8 ]

    Unique Quests 

    Title Name Scrolls 

    Just we developed a new scroll which it give you a nice title name for killz coin .. [Check how to get killz @ Job kill system below]

    Special Items NPC

    Special Items NPC 

    -- Gold Lottery scroll --

    1st _ just right click

    2nd _ you will be teleported

    3rd _ you will get gold by luck

    maybe you get 1b .. or 1.5 b or 500m [ if you are not lucky ] .. etc

    -- Premium Lottery scroll --

    1st _ just right click

    2nd _ you will be teleported

    3rd _ you will get only 1 Premium Item from 4 chosen Items by the Golden System

    -- Premium Avatar Lottery

    [*]1st _ just right click

    [*]2nd _ you will be teleported

    [*]3rd _ you will get only 1 Premium Avatar from 6 chosen Avatar by the Golden System

    Golden Hero System

    How to be ' The Golden Hero '

    1st _ you have to kill Osiris at Holy water temple

    2nd _ after killing osiris it will drop Golden Hero Room Key [with 100 % Drop ratio]

    3rd _ teleport from ' jangan teleporter ' to Golden Hero room

    4th _ kill the ' Golden Hero ' Unique

    5th _ after killing it will drop " Golden Hero Prize " [ With 100 % drop ratio ]

    6th _ after activate it you will be teleported and then will get " The Golden Hero " Title

    7th _ If the " Golden Hero " logged in the server an automatically notice will be launched like this

    Wanted System
    we developed a very nice system for the jobber .
    Just the 1st jobber [ depends on the jobber level and exp ] will get a special yellow title name
    with [#1] before his name .

    Money Maker System
    We thought about a new system to be fun for the donator or none donator.
    Just Top 11 players will get Money Maker yellow title name [ it depends on the character gold ] but .. If a new one got Gold and then became The 11th .. the previous player will lose the MoneyMaker Title name and then the new one will get it

    Job Kill = 1 silk system

    By killing trader , hunter or thief you will get 1 for each kill and 1 Killz Coin :)
    To Get The Title Name Scrolls . [check it up]

    * Anti Cheat System [ For The Job kill system ]

    Max points for killing job system are only 25 per day.

    Auto PVP Event

    By killing many people who are level 110
    to get points to get special title name

    Ingame Suggestions / Bug Report 
    Using the Message system you can send us suggestions anytime. Just send the messages to Charname 'Suggestion' (ingame) and we will read it. or simply creat a thread at our forum :)

    *Fortress War Killer Counter [ Developing [ 95 % ] ]
    For a certain amount of kills you will get secret rewards
    You have to try it out, We are not going to tell you what you get, since there will be more enemies and more total kills that you can get. Plus there
    will be a ranking on the website to show the best fortress war 'killers'. By that you can improve your guilds/unions fame.
    There will also be achievements based on this. So be a good boy and kill
    your enemies.

    Trade Rewards  [ Developing [99%] [ just choosing the rewards] ]
    Just when you make a trade from town to another town with your friends , you will be
    automatically rewarded, what ever maybe [ silks, special items or even lottery stone which
    when you active the scroll , you will get a random reward from chosen items with special

    Events :

    Hide & Seek Event :

    Which the GM will hide and then if you find him , you will be rewarded

    Unique Event :
    By killing Unique and getting exp [ with top 10 killers event ]

    Job War Event :
    By wearing the Suit then start killing each others for 10 mints
    while getting 1 silk every kill

    Kill The GM Event :
    y killing the GM and getting reward for killing
    with automatically your character name will be writen
    as a notice

    Automatic Last Man Standing Event :
    Pretty simple event. Just by goging to [PVP Area] and Yellow pvp cap.
    The goal is kill as many people as possible while staying alive. Once you die, you get teleported out of the arena.
    Of course you can just stand around in some corner, however you will receive 3 silk for every kill.
    The last person who is still standing will come and kill you, In addition everybody who gets killed is teleported back to the town immediatly and is unable to return. Reverses are disabled
    for the arena region.
    The winner received 250 Silk.