[Sroad | 110 Custom | Low Rates | Constantinople Fortress | Custom Beginner's Area]

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    Some info about our website

    • You can only access it when you register
    • When you registering use valid email because you will need to confirm it
    • In email you will find confirmation code that one you will enter to website where its needed
    • After successful registration you can log in ,download
      ,vote and so on!

    Main Server Information!

    • Server Cap : 110
    • Server Race's : China & Euro
    • Exp -Sp Rate : 2.5x
    • Party Exp Rate : 2.5x
    • Gold Drop Rate : 2.5x
    • Item Drop Rate : 2.5x
    • Alchemy Rate : Not Changed
    • Sox Drop Rate : Not Changed
    • Mastery : 330
    • Job Rate : Increased 2 Times

    Available Fortresses

    • Jangan Fortress
    • Bandit Fortress
    • Hotan Fortress
    • Constantinople Fortress

    Voting via website

    • There is 2 types of points you get!
    • Vote points & Extra points!
    • Vote points are for voting
    • Extra points are for voting count

    About Beginner's Quest & Area!

    Customized Capture The Flag

    • Capture The Flag Reward is Changed!
    • For 10 Tickets you will get special scrool
    • Why its so special you say?
    • It Gives you more 2.5x exp thats why!
    • Its an idea how keep you active ant capture the flag event useful as it has to be!

    PS : There is new town with few more npc and new area just for its nature look!

    About the Sroad's idea!


    To do list:
    More Images from game
    More info