FlexSro 130 Cap Middle Hing Rate New Skills, Area (Wanted,Job,Uniq News System)

    Server Start: 25.09.2014 (21:00) Eastern European Time Zone (UTC-02: 00)

    (New System and Anti Cheat)
    Wanted System:
    Job System :
    Iron Item System:
    Iron Coin System:
    EXP&SP Rate: 240x
    ITEM Rate : 40x
    Sox Drop : 5xGold Drop: 50x
    Job Rate : 5x
    Alchemy Lucky : 7x
    Magic Pop Rate: 6x
    Berserk Speed : 5x
    Maps: Cons Fw,,Syria Clash,Survival
    Potions Stackable = 300
    Elixirs Stackable = 50
    Bolt,Arrow Stackable = 3000
    Stones : 50xOnly 13D
    New Area

    [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]Unique Map[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]Npc Area Silks And Iron System[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]New Effect Item and New Skills[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]Wanted System[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    Thief/Hunter/Trader Kill Job Player 10x between 50x. Wanted System Active Wanted lvl 1 give all stats %1.IF kill 50x %5 all stats.
    Job Player can't kill same player 2x then (Anti Cheat)

    [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]Job System[/COLOR][/COLOR]

     [COLOR="#B22222"][COLOR="#B22222"]Reward Job[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#696969"]Unique Map


    [COLOR="#800000"]New Slot