Morpheus | 80 Cap | CH | Original & Simplistic Gameplay | Democratically Evolving

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    There will be a Beta test on the 17th of June. This is to let everyone play Morpheus and check everything alongside us. This beta test will be organized really well, so everyone will be searching for bugs (I am pretty sure there are no bugs but anyways) and in general testing the server. To participate on the beta you have to apply here.

    Basic Info

    Info | Value
    Degree | 8
    Cap | 80
    Fortresses | Hotan
    IP Limit | 2
    CTF | Enabled
    Battle arena | Enabled
    Available towns | Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan
    Seal Of Star | Available
    Seal Of Moon | Available
    Seal Of Sun | Disabled
    Races | Chinese


    Info | Value
    Exp rate | 17x
    Sp rate | 17x
    Party Exp | 22x
    Alchemy rate | 1x
    Item Drop rate | 6x
    Trade rate | 20x
    Gold rate | 5x

    Main targets

    • Mature community
    • Active players
    • Real silkroad enviroment
    • Stable server
    • Lagless gameplay

    Players developing the server - Democratically Evolved

    As we've already mentioned Morpheus will be a server providing original silkroad's gameplay but that doesn't mean we won't implement new stuff on updates, of course these updates won't contain gameplay affecting features. Like democracy is nothing without the citizens, Morpheus will be nothing without its players. We will never make any simple update without your permission. Every week (except the first week) there will be polls that you will be able to vote what you would like to see on the next update. The top features/modifications will be implemented. Also whenever we as a team have good ideas about some useful features that you may like we will let you know and ask for your opinion. This server would never survive while remaining with no features & updates. Sadly silkroad pscene is very demanding nowadays and only innovative servers are gonna survive.

    Why original?

    • Less Bugs
      We like it or not many features mean more bugs. The ideal gameplay for us is stable, lagless.
    • Avoiding Confusion
      Having tones of new features & systems make the server really confusing. Players have to break their heard learning and understanding all these features, features that make the server more complicated and as result players are rage quitting.
    • Fair chances for every player around the world
      Silkroad is a game with players that come all over the world. Due to the unfair distribution of wealth some players don't have the same opportunities on learning english. As result they can't understand how the new systems are working as much as other players. By keeping the gameplay original we're giving all players around the world the same chances on reaching the top!
    • Real silkroad feeling
      We all love silkroad as it is. All these uber effects glows stats etc are simply destroying silkroad's enviroment.

    Starting Items
    350k Skill Points, Exp helpers, 11 reverse & instant return scrolls, gold 100k, 20 x 100% mov speed, 1000 HP & MP pots and grab pet for 3 days. (Photo coming soon)

    Silk per hour
    Since some players are not capable of donating to get silk, silk per hour will help them reach players who can after some time. It is something that we have to implement in order to give all players access to silk items. You will receive 1 silk per hour.

    Regarding Uniques
    Who doesn't love Uniques? I am sure everyone does. Every Unique will drop some amazing prizes including silk items. Also Cerberus will spawn on Jangan & Captain Ivy on Donwhang. We've also nerfed egyptian Uniques and added them on the Cave Of Fear. Each of them will drop silk items and Seal Of Comet equipment.

    Nerfed Silk Items
    We wouldn't simply allow donators dominate everything, so we've decided to decrease Devil's HP/MP to 5%, Devil will still be useful but not over powered. We've also decreased premiums, there are 2 premiums one of 3% stats and one of 5% to keep the gameplay balanced.

    Guild & Union Limits
    Silkroad's guild & union limits were created to fit silkroad online where thousands of players were playing. Since our playerbase will be obviously smaller than isro's decreasing guild & union limit is a need to make fortress war more fair and fun. So we've decreased the limits to 32 players per guild and 2 guilds per union means 64 players in total ( 8 parties ). If our playerbase for some reason gets bigger than we expect, we will increase the limits.

    Mercenary scrolls enabled
    A great oldschool feature that everyone loved. These beloved scrolls were used in guild wars or while jobbing by guild masters. There are 3 mercenary scrolls one including fire nukes, one cold and one lightning.

    Encouraging the use of Consignment & Stalls
    Selling items on a shop will get you just 1 gold per item. We've made that so players will use stalls, communicate with other players to buy/sell/trade items and use consignment. We want an active community where players will be active, gold bots are not desired.

    Extra farming area - Roc Mountain
    Since Taklamakan is not offering enough space for farming, we've customized Roc Mountain's mobs on cap 80 level ranges so you will be able to farm there aswell without getting ksed.

    Regarding Titles

    Since the cap is 90, you're not able to obtain any title. Everyone loves having a title making him special so we've added some titles given to the top unique killers & top thieves, traders and hunters. Additionally the master of the guild owning the fortress war will receive a title.

    Cave Of Fear
    Cave Of Fear is a job cave where you can have fun killing players from enemy job unions, hunt uniques to get incredible prizes or farm seal of star set parts (End game gear for the time being). Cave Of Fear's uniques will drop silk items except the normal drops. We're also planning to make Cave Of Fear even more interesting later on.

    Well to be honest this was the most confusing part. We've decided to disable sun equipment and keep only sos & som. Sun equipment will come later on (update), we really need to make a poll about them since there are many options about the way obtaining them. Also by doing this you won't just simply rush for sun. Seal Of Star is like normal equipment +3 and Seal Of Moon like normal +5. Sos equipment are implemented to give a chance to players that don't really like fgw or trading to have sox equipment simply by farming on mobs (like in old times). However of course Seal Of Star are weaker than Seal Of Moon, since active players have to get rewarded.

    • How to get Seal Of Star set parts & weapons: Simply farm on high level mobs (Taklamakan or Roc Mountain or Cave Of Fear). Keep in mind that Cave Of Fear has the higher drop rate.

    • How to get Seal Of Moon set parts: Seal Of Moon set parts are available with job points earned by trading & in general jobbing. Job points are limited to 100 per week. Our trading system is also uncheatable.

    • How to get Seal Of Moon weapons: You can get sos weapons by forgotten world. Simply complete the collection (Check the pictures bellow).

    • How to get Seal Of Star accessories: You can get som accessories the same way you get them in isro (With arena coins). However prices are decreased.

    The ideal player for Morpheus is a mature player participating in every event, helping other players and especially the new comers, being active by doing trades, participating in Battle Arena, Capture The Flag & Fortress War, voting every week for the features he would like to see on the upcoming update and respect the features other players voted even if he doesn't agree with them. A player that will not give up on the first problem may caused and will help us get over it, who respects other players and religions. A player making suggestions, reporting bugs and of course helping us get bigger by inviting his friends and advertising our server. This is the ideal player, imagine if all of you could be this player, how awesome would silkroad be? Isn't this a player made feature improving the gameplay? Sometimes players can improve the server a lot more than a developer can, keep this in mind!

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