Exodus - The Epic Eternity | Cap 90 | CH | Quests Based | Inspired Features

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    [SIZE="4"]• Exodus Links •[/SIZE]

    NOTE: Website is just a rudimentary one till the grand open we will release the main one.

    Server Name Exodus
    Degree 9
    Cap 90
    Race Chinese
    Fortress Jangan
    Towns Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan
    Maximun plus 12
    Hwid Limit 2 Accounts
    CTF Enabled
    Battle arena Disabled
    Accademy Enabled By Job Kills
    FGW Disabled
    Jangan Cave Disabled
    Magic POP Enabled

    • Skills Mastery Cap 300.
    • Solo Experience Rate 20x.
    • Solo SP Experience Rate 30x.
    • Party Experience Rate 40x.
    • Party SP Experience Rate 40x.
    • Berzerk Rate 3x.
    • Drop Rate 50x.
    • Drop Specialty Goods Box Rate 2x.
    • Drop Tokens Rate 2x.
    • GoldDrop Rate 30x.
    • SOX Rate Customed
    • Job Rate 10x.
    • Alchemy Rate 1x.
    • Pandora Box Quests Experience 1.5x.
    • Pandora Box Quests Gold 4x.
    • Pandora Box Quests SP 4x.
    • Job Quests Experience 2x.

    HP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
    MP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
    HP+1300 Scroll 10 unit
    MP+1300 Scroll 10 unit
    Drug Speed 100% 20 unit
    Reverse Scrolls 11 unit
    Ghost summon Scroll 3 days
    Guardian Avatar
    Guardian Hat

    Beginner's buff

    Gold 500K
    SP 300K

    These stacks were choosen carefully for helping you to save slots and time
    so as we can see here they are high ones.

    • Auto Alchemy Notice from +8

    • New Login Screen

    • Auto Equipment •
    You will gain automated equipments from D1 to D8 Sos +3 FB Max, all you need is ' teleporting ' and you will have them.

    • Helping Scrolls •
    No thing new, these scrolls each one have its job you can obviously understand its job from its name.

    • Silk Exchangers •
    You can easily exchange your silks with other players, this method will help to increase economy and marketing in the server.

    [SIZE="3"]• Sox Items • [/SIZE]

    • Decrees

    • Quests

    4th Method: Upgrade system, you can through this
    system transform a +10 Sos weapon to a Som +0

    • Weapons Models

    [SIZE="2"]• Uniques System • [/SIZE]

    So where are the uniques appears , you can know this from these pics

    • Uniques Places

    Also there are 2 new uniques as i said [ Zealous - Subzero ]
    -Zealous: appears every 12 hours in a place from jangan - donwhang - hotan.
    -Subzero: appears every 12 hours in donwhang job cave.

    • Zealous & Subzero

    [SIZE="2"]• Union & Guild Set limit • [/SIZE]
    To make a better Wars and FTW, to ensure commensurate
    guild and unions with server capacity we have decided to make...

    - Guild limit: is 32 Players
    - Union limit: is 3 Guilds

    [SIZE="2"]• Jobbing •[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="2"]• Job Deal System •[/SIZE]
    This system means, once you kill an enemy you will get 5.5% of his gold

    But what if you don't have enough gold,
    if you continued jobbing without having gold
    you will be banned..., No place for cheats.

    [SIZE="2"]• Job Honor System •[/SIZE]
    This system depends on your job kills,
    Kill more gain more!, Here your kills will be calculated as Honor Points
    According to your rank you will get honor buffs
    You can follow your rank from storage npc in any town
    this rank will be refreshed everyday 12AM Game server time

    [SIZE="2"]• Wanted System •[/SIZE]

    • Wanted System

    [SIZE="2"]• New Job Suits • [/SIZE]
    We added new job suits these suits were enhaced with
    blues and skills that will help you in your job journey,
    but these are limited by job level.

    • Job Suits

    And wait for more of them in next updates !

    [SIZE="2"]• Academy System • [/SIZE]
    In our server the max job level is 40, once you be the higher job level
    in the whole server you will get a special title behind your job alias

    Trader| [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Leader Job #1[/COLOR]
    Hunter| [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Guardian Job #1[/COLOR]
    Thief | [COLOR="DarkOrange"] Robber Job #1[/COLOR]

    [SIZE="2"]• Summer Event •[/SIZE]

    • Summer Event

    [SIZE="2"]• Jewel Box Event •[/SIZE]

    • Jewel Box Event

    [SIZE="2"]• GNGWC Event • [/SIZE]

    [SIZE="2"]• Survival Event •[/SIZE]

    • Survival Event

    [SIZE="2"]• Dye System •[/SIZE]

    • Dye Effects

    [SIZE="2"]• Our NPCs •[/SIZE]
    You will find a 3 new npcs near jangan south gate,
    these npcs have all sets , weapons , silk items and more

    [SIZE="2"]• Top 200 Chars Reward •[/SIZE]