InfernusOnline | CAP 80 | EU/CH | Low Rate | Job Based | Play2Win | Silk/H |Balanced

    As a big company , we are here to introduce to silkroad community the best cap 80 server
    Infernus Online

    Website :
    Download Page :
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    Server Abilities & Powers & Engines

    ★ 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3
    ★ 64GB Ram.
    ★ Internet Connection: 1 GB.
    ★ DDoS-Shield Protection.
    ★ Exploit Protection
    ★ High-Server Based.

    General Server Information

    ★ Server Files: vSRO Files.
    ★ Server Capacity: 1000 Slots.
    ★ Server Traffic Stat: Easy.
    ★ Server Purpose: PvE/PvP/TRD/FW/FGW.
    ★ Server Version: 1.401
    ★ IP Limit: 8
    ★ Server Cap: 80
    ★ Server Degree: 8DG
    ★ Server Race: European & Chinese.
    ★ Experience Rate: 15x
    ★ Skill Points Experience Rate: 15x
    ★ Experience Party Rate: 20x
    ★ Skill Points Experience Party Rate: 20x
    ★ Item drop: 10x
    ★ Gold drop: 10x
    ★ SoX drop: 1x
    ★ Trade Job: 30x
    ★ Alchemy: Custom
    ★ Skill Mastery Cap: 80
    ★ Skill EU Mastery Cap: 160
    ★ Skill CH Mastery Cap: 300
    ★ Fortress: Jangan
    ★ Stall & Consignment: Enabled.
    ★ Battle Arena Random (Flag/Score): Disabled
    ★ Battle Arena Guild (Flag/Score): Disabled
    ★ Battle Arena Job (Flag/Score): Disabled.
    ★ Battle Arena Party (Flag/Score): Disabled
    ★ Capture the Flag: Enabled.
    ★ Forgotten World (Togui Village): Enabled.
    ★ Survival Arena Colosseum: Disabled.
    ★ Survival Arena Palace: Disabled.
    ★ PvP Arena: Enabled.
    ★ Event Arena: Enabled.
    ★ Server Towns: Constantinople, Samarkand, Hotan, DonwHang and Jangan.

    Start Items

    ★ 50 K Skill Points
    ★ 1 M Gold
    ★ 3 Pages Inventory
    ★ Grap Pet(5 Pages)
    ★ Start Avatar
    ★ 20x Instant return scrolls
    ★ 5x Reverse return scrolls.
    ★ 20x Beginner Scroll Of Movement
    ★ 1000x Hp & Mp silks pots
    ★ Devil Spirit B Grade
    ★ Instant weapons & set (+12)

    Server Features & Systems
    So let's start talking about the server
    we all know that wizards always takes the uniques kills so we added
    ★Str uniques which Int chars can't kill them
    and to remember the old school sro that we all miss it we added
    ★OldSchool PvP Capes!
    ★Jewel Box quest (which gives you a lot of useful things )(silk items too)
    Players hate tablets and these useless things dropping from mobs
    ★Disabled tablets
    ★Added stones in drop
    ★Silk Per Hour System ( 1 Silk per 3 hours )

    Some Other Server Features[/SIZE]
    ★All Avatars
    ★New job suits by job level
    ★Attack Pets , Grab Pets , Fellow Pets
    ★Some of european skills have longer delay (due balance)
    ★Removed Job penalty
    ★Removed Guild penalty
    ★Daily Events
    ★Forgotten World
    ★+3 Items (with Str and Int) in npc's until 8 degree

    ★Global chatting, pandora boxes every 10 levels (beginner quest)
    ★8 DG Moon by our job system and Forgotten world

    ★77 set and 72 weapon from lord yarkan and forgotten world mobs only
    ★Academy System and Honor rank is enabled
    ★Seal Of Sun weapons from 1 Degree to 6 Degree from beginner quest

    ★Upgrade system from 8DG Moon to 8DG Sun which will be very hard (because it is the strongest weapon in Infernus)
    ★Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount
    ★Guild is level 5 once you create one
    ★Quest Manager npc, Unique Slayers quests, mob Hunt quests which give you lots of SP and EXP!
    ★New Weapon Glows
    ★New Seal Glows
    ★Plus Notice higher than +7 (so everytime you success in making an item higher than +7 it will be written in notice)
    ★Infernus Protector and Jewel Trader Npc

    ★Infernus Avatar and Pet Trader Npc

    1- 100 Titles Scrolls (Angel & Demon titles gives 40 % more damage on berserk)
    2- Fgw Time reset scroll
    3- 50-100-150-1000 Silk Scrolls
    4- PK Remover
    5- Premium Remover
    6- Silk Lottery scroll (it gives you a quanitity of silks , that depends on ur luck)
    Job System
    Job Coins : you can buy 8D SOM set parts/accessory's with this coins.
    Note: you able to do this systems if your level above 50 and job level is 3 or above
    Traders go jobbing as usuall , automatic receive Job Coins when they Relog. Their Contribution gets saved as well and you can receive more than 2.134 Bill contribution. We don't have a limit for contribution, at last you need 3stars or 3x1 star.
    Trader needs 3 stars trade or above and level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Trader Gain : 4 Job Joins Each trade he do.
    Hunter should cover 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Hunter Gain : 3 Job Joins Each trade he Cover.
    Thief should Stole 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Thief Gain : 3 Job Joins Each trade he stole.
    Job Temple
    Yes we added it , and made it much better With some nice quests
    There are 6 uniques in that temple : Neith , Selket ,Anubis , Isis , Haroeris , Seth
    What's so special in that temple ? , okay let me answer that question . we have seen that forgotten world dimension holes are hard to get so we decided to make it easier , u can get dimension holes from mobs & uniques (still Pretty hard) . U can also get Advanced A from mobs and Advanced B from uniques (drop rate differs) . And also job coins from uniques to buy moon set

    Auto titles System
    We didn't want to add highest player killing a specified unique gets the title of 'UniqueName' Slayer , we gave all the players a chance in getting it but we can't give all chances
    Only the player with highest amount of money will get MoneyMaker Title

    Only the player with highest Trader , Hunter , Thief Experience will get 1# titles

    Only the player with highest plus item will take the AlchemyLegend title

    Future Updates :
    1- Adding Hotan Fortress
    Upgrade System
    Once you get your Moon 8DG . there is still a long way to get your sun 8dg :)
    there is an upgrade area which you can teleport to it from hotan
    in that upgrade area will appear a unique
    if you succeded in killing that unique , you will get 1 awaken stone (weapon , shield , protector , accessory)
    there is another area with elite mobs which drops 3 types of elements
    you can upgrade your moon weapon with 1 awaken stone and 250 of each type of element
    Seal Glow

    Update Version 1.343 :
    Changed Ip Limit : 3
    Changed 1 Silk / Hour
    Edited job , trades must be 5* & u must be level 60 & must be job level 3 in order to get coins
    Changed Rates to : 10x and party 12x

    Hello everyone,
    Added the Ranking Weekly Uniques, from Sunday to Sunday, the player who is at Rank 1, which are killed more uniques during the week will receive Silks, each has a different unique awards below to see the awards each unique.
    Only the player who is first in the ranking will receive the rewards.

    You can see the most unique hunters, first ,second and third place in the ranking on our website(Weekly Unique Rankings)

    Silks rewards

    Tiger Girl = 25 Silks
    Cerberus = 50 Silks
    Captain Ivy = 75 Silks
    Uruchi = 100 Silks
    Isyutaru = 125 Silks
    Lord Yarkan = 150 Silks
    Anubis = 200 Silks
    Isis = 250 Silks
    Neith = 300 Silks
    Selkis = 350 Silks
    Haroeris = 400 Silks
    Seth = 450 Silks

    (All rewards will you deposit in winner account every Sunday.
    The Unique Ranking resets every Sunday, Good game to all!)

    Update Version 1.344 :
    1- Changed Seal glow to normal Glows
    2- Nerfed all spawns by job temple uniques
    3- Changed 8DG weapons to normal 8dg weapons