Terror Online | D10 | CH&EU | Pve | Balanced| Job Based | Grand Opening 16.10.2016

  • Hey Stagetwo,we would like to say its the frist time we make that project ..wo hope you try and tell us ur openion About Our Server

    • I N T R O D U C T I O N •

    • Welcome to our thread Stagetwo! Terror is a new place for those passionate people who want to feel the old days of sro world,also a place for a stable gameplay systems.

    All of our team are trusted people with huge experience!
    • We like to know your opinions and suggestions to be added in the game

    •TerrorSro| Job Based | Cap 100 | Protected | New shapes of weapons
    If you guys like our projects have a chance to join us, we are always waiting for you

    - We are using HyperFilter security , this is well-known and all know that it's the best so we don't need to speak alot about it.

    • Terror Links •

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    •Grand Opening 16.10.2016•
    Register is availabele !

    Alchemy Rate

    Starting items are very important to start your play,We decided to put these items
    for you after creating your character but we won't help you so much
    as you have to achieve your goal by your own but we put those that will help you a little
    HP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
    MP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
    Drug Speed 100% 20 unit
    Reverse Scrolls 11 unit
    Ghost summon Scroll 3 days

    •Uniques Places•

    • Union & Guild Set limit •
    To make a better Wars and FTW, to ensure commensurate
    guild and unions with server capacity we have decided to make...

    - Guild limit: is 50 Players
    - Union limit: is 4 Guilds

    • Jobbing •
    we know that build a strong character is a boring thing and almost of open servers with this system had a some fails so we make a advantage in our server it will responsible about just 1 coin from Job named by (Cold Coin) until you can build your charcter with full equip set that you like it ,so we allowed all items by cheap prices

    Trader Gain 4 Coins From 5* Goods
    Hunter Gain 2 Coins From 5* Goods
    Thief Gain 1 Coins From 5* Goods

    - 5* trade costs 21 Million

    •Auto Equip•

    •Automatic 2 Silk/H•

    •New Glows•

    •Upgrade Weapon System•

    • Job Cave•

    •Custom items•

    •Special trade route added•

    •Jangan Cave Tomb has been customized•

    •New Job Suits•

    •New Avatars•