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  • Hallo StageTwo wir Präsentieren valtyr


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      Valtyr is a new private server where you will retrieve your old memories and the most fun. It's cap 80, we think it's the best cap that we met in silkroad. Also, almost of players lived in it more time. We hope to offer you an active and friendly community. [COLOR="Red"]So, don't miss it..![/COLOR]


    [indent][COLOR="Red"]Valtyr objective:[/COLOR]

      Our objective is to be cooperative with you and offer you the most fun and exciting server and go back to real oldschool. Also, we hope to offer you the most enjoyable server as you need. We hope to provide you all what you need and the fastest response.


    [indent][COLOR="Red"]Main targets:[/COLOR]

    • [COLOR="Red"]Play2win[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR="Red"]Long term[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR="Red"]Fair gameplay[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR="Red"]Ethical management[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR="Red"]An active & friendly community[/COLOR]



    [INDENT][COLOR="Red"]Basic information:[/COLOR]

    Cap: 80
    Race: Chinese
    Mastery: 300
    Experience rate: 5x
    Party experience rate: 8x
    Skill points rate: 25x
    Items drop rate: 5x
    Gold drop rate: 5x
    Trade goods rate: 10x
    Alchemy rate: 1x
    Fortresses: Jangan
    Max plus: 12
    Battle arena: Enabled
    Capture the flag: Enabled
    Forgotten world: Enabled
    Academy: Enabled
    Auto equipment: Disabled
    Advanced elixirs: Available
    Fellow pets: Disabled
    Auto events: Available
    Oldschool capes: Available
    Mercenary: Available
    Guild Limit: 25
    Union Limit: 3

    [COLOR="Red"]Starter package:[/COLOR]
    We provide you a good package for starting your adventure! You can now retrieve your old memories.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT][COLOR="Red"]Simple modifications:[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Red"]Useful scrolls:[/COLOR]
    [INDENT]Skill Reset Scroll:
    Resets all of your masteries and skills back to and, you'll be given the skill point back! Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!.

    Stats Reset Scroll:
    Resets your Int/Str points to 0 and gives you the points back to add them to either Str or Int. Upon use, you'll be teleported back to town!

    Name Change Scroll:
    Gives you the ability to change your character name to a different one just by clicking this scroll! Upon use, you'll be disconnected and upon connecting you'll have to choose a new nickname to log in![/INDENT]
    Defeating the uniques Is the most fun and exciting thing in silkroad. We didn't do a bad system for uniques so, all oldschool uniques are available such as Tiger girl, Uruchi, Isyutaru etc.. Also, we've added old unique called Taishan and Roc as world boss.
    Taishan is level 50. it appears in different 7 spawn points.[/INDENT]
    Roc modified to fit level 80. It appears in different 25 spawn points all over the map. It have a big chance in dropping Seal of Sun items and some special items.[/INDENT]


    [COLOR="Red"]Job system:[/COLOR]
    We didn't do or edit anything in our job system so, it's exactly like the oldschool job system. just we have a one feature.
    [INDENT]Job suit:
    All job suits are available in Associate NPC with 1 STR/INT.[/INDENT]

    It's not just a system like others. Our SystemBot is here only for the help and for informing you what you need to know. It will answer you only when you PM SystemBot and typing "hello" then follow commands:
    Once you send to him this command it will talk to you and if you need to know about anything, you have to send a pm to SystemBot but you have to write this sign before the word "/".[/INDENT]
    [COLOR="Red"]Automatic events:[/COLOR]

    • Travia
    • Lucky Magic Party
    • Search & Destroy
    • Hide & Seek
    • KillTheGM
    • Alchemy
    • LastManStanding
    • Survival PVP
    • Lottery
    • Retype
    • Unscramble

    This system in our website will simply show you guys the top ranking players to make it more competitive and to help you to know who in the top ranking.

    • Top Players
    • Top Guilds
    • Top Jobbers
    • Top Uniques
    • Top Kills
    • Top Global Normal WTS WTT

    [COLOR="Red"]Searching:[/COLOR] [character/guild]
    This system will make you able to find and look for any character/guild by an easily way.

    [COLOR="Red"]Character Lookup[/COLOR]
    With this system, you are able to see the inventory/storage for any character.

    You can get silks everyday by free way. all you have to do is voting for silk in our website every 24 hour.

    [COLOR="Red"]Website shop:[/COLOR]
    It's a shop in our website that contains some special items such as avatars, scrolls, devils etc. Your character must be online in game. After buying any item, you have to teleport and you will find the item in your inventory.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT][COLOR="Red"]Share Events:[/COLOR]
    We won't run the share events now because we have a target got that. So, we will run then after 3 days.

    [COLOR="Red"]Signature Events:[/COLOR]
    We give you a chance to win silks in the grand opening. All you have to do is using our fourm signature by copying the code and putting it in you signature.


    Bei Fragen oder vorschläge einfach Schreiben :)

  • Server Inspection 23-07-2017
    Add Penalty remover
    Add 500 Silk Scroll for 300 Arena Coin
    Add 1000 Silk Scroll for 600 Arena Coin
    Change Roc Hp
    Change Roc Skills
    Change Stone Stack to 1000
    Change some img
    Deleted PT Mobs
    Change 1 Account = 1 Character
    Add 7 New Dress
    Add Silk Scroll to NPC Yggdrasil
    Delete some jupiter uniques spawn
    Reset Guild SP to 200k
    Reset player SP to 500k

  • Server Update 22-10-2017

    New Pet Charmander

    New Scroll Valtyr Lucky Scroll

    you will get

    1% Lucky increase.

    1% Alchemy Probability increase.

    Second World Boss Rage Cloud

    Drop Moon Item ( 6% )

    Drop Item Mall Items and much more

    Add Rage Cloud Spawn Point like Roc

    Respawn Time 3-6h

    Join a Job and Create a Academy

    Job Level 5

    Job honor Rank 1 = kill 1 Graduates 5 Honor Points

    Character Lookup added Honor Point

    Honor Rank refresh every 1H

    Add Job reward happy Winter Box after

    selling goods relog and the item is in inventar

    Top Gold Player Server Notice

    Top Hunter Server Notice

    Top Thief Server Notice

    Top Trader Server Notice

    (lock system)

    send $SystemBot in chat the Message

    Lock (dont wait answer)

    You will Receive a msg (in msg box) with a pw

    (save it on in a text file or what ever you have and delete the msg)

    to lock or unlock your items

    $SystemBot pw/123456 (123456 is the pw)( the pw from the msg box)

  • Added Video

    Server Inspection 29-10-2017

    Add Activity Point

    Activity Point you will get perH

    Activity Point you will get by Job a Scroll

    Activity Point you will get by Vote4Silk

    Added Reborn Scroll you will get if you use 1 x int str 35 & hp Mp 400 by lvl 1

    Added title Name Scroll

    Added more Job Reward

    Change Honor Ranking back to old

    if you selling goods you will get Job Reward Scroll

    use it and you will get 1 Graduates & 5 Honor Point

    some images changed

    Write to $SystemBot Hello

    Edited SystemBot with new Free Function

    if you want to Remove Premium write to me /RemoveMyPremium

    if you want to Remove Pk write to me /RemoveMyPK

    if you want to Remove Forgotten World write to me /RemoveMyFGW

    You dont have SP No Problem i can add write to me /iWantSP

    if you want to Reborn for Free write to me /FreeReborn you will be back to level 1 int&str 30 and hp&mp 300

    if you want Free Title write me /NeedTitle