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      Silkroad Lithuania|10Degree|Vote|Custom Rates|Standart|Oldschool|Official Topic

      Silkroad Lithuania|10Degree|Vote|Custom Rates|Standart|Oldschool|Official Topic

      Majority of Silkroad private servers, that claim their server is so called "Play2Win" - lie. This is a marketing trick that still works for some people, unfortunately. Furthermore, Silkroad is the game which was built in a "freemium" model and to be quite honest most of games are, but the way other private servers claim your money is rude. I am not going to fool you - we make servers to profit, but in this case, you do not feel any pressure or even need to spend a penny. I want to introduce you our real Play to Win server - Silkroad Lithuania.

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      Server Info

      Cap : 100
      Degree : 10
      Races : CHN & EU
      Server files : Black Rogue
      Slots : 1000
      Fortresses : Hotan,Jangan,Bandit
      Academy Buffs : Customized
      Bot : Allowed(if you will find one)

      Server Rates

      Experience | Rate 10x

      Exp rate is not too high and not too low, it is the most
      appropriate exp rate. It doesn't take ages to level up to the
      maximum level. But in the other hand you can't reach the
      maximum level in just 1-2 hours aswell.

      Skill points experience | Rate 10x

      This sp experience rate is high enough to help you level
      up with small gap, we're also giving 1m sp on the start of
      the game, so you will really not have to worry about being
      Full Farmed when reaching 100.

      Gold drop | Rate 10 x

      A good gold drop rate to help you get enough gold to be
      able to buy equipment from npc and other important things
      such as pots/pills etc. We made gold drop rate pretty low
      because trades are important.

      Drop | Rate 10 x

      Our drop rate promises to not let you down. Its not the
      rate that will give you everything you were expecting to have
      in just a day, but it won't dissapoint you aswell!

      Trade | Rate 5 x

      We've completely changed the trade rewards. Its like we're
      forcing you to make trades.

      Alchemy | Rate 1 x

      The most appropriate alchemy rate. It is difficult enough to
      keep you trying your equipment and not reach a satisfying
      plus value in a small amount of tries. It won't drive you mad
      aswell since its not being that terrible aswell.
      Keep in mind that premium, lucky stones and lucky avatar
      will give you more possibilities to success.

      Start items

      +5 Items with str and int max and 100% white params!

      1mil of skillpoints(farming sucks kinda)
      60% Exp Helper
      100% Exp Helper
      20 Instant Scroll's
      3 Beginners scroll's of expierence 150%
      3 Beginners scroll's of expierence 100%
      3 Golden scroll's of expierence 50%
      10 Beginners scroll's of movement 100%
      10 Scroll's of Spirit Fragment(Zerk)
      Pink pig summon scrool (28days)
      10 Scroll's of pregasus
      50 Reverse return scroll's
      50 100% resurrection scroll's
      Beginner's HP/MP Pots 50 each
      Devil spirit B grade (5%)
      Thats how starting package looks, hope you will find all you need in there!

      Honor buffs

      We made custom honor buff's system because everyone should have them and for certain time only so you have to use thme wisely
      because after buff is activated it will be active only for 12hours !

      Buffs can be purchased for honor points and gold only.

      Jangan teleport

      From jangan teleport you can go to jangan cave and back from it via new teleports!

      About Silkroad

      Silkroad is a MMORPG that puts the player deep into ancient Chinese, Islamic, and European civilizations

      Topic Rules

      Do not forget to rate 5 stars If you like the server
      If you like the server Please *Thanks if you're about to join us =)
      Feel free to leave any comment/suggestion below.
      We really want to hear your voice. Make us Better!
      We even accept bad comments another way we
      wouldn't believe in democracy.
      Your Sincerely,
      Silkroad Lithuania.

      Yep Servername sounds really creepy...... But the Server looks nice, i will give it a try.
      I would incrase the Trade Rate to 10 too, 5x is really to low :)
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