Vintage | CH Only |Cap 90| Crafting System| No Coins | Low Rate | LongTerm | 23th Feb

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      Vintage | CH Only |Cap 90| Crafting System| No Coins | Low Rate | LongTerm | 23th Feb

      Vintage | CH Only |Cap 90| Crafting System| No Coins | Low Rate | LongTerm | 23th Feb
      IP LIMIT 2

      • I N T R O D U C T I O N •
      • Welcome to our Thread on Elitepvpers. We are glad to announce our new Server. WE added many new Features like u can see lower this Thread.

      • Vintage Links •

      Website | Vintage Online - Private Silkroad Server.
      Register | Vintage Online - Private Silkroad Server.
      Download | Vintage Online - Private Silkroad Server.
      Facebook | Vintage Online - Private Silkroad Server.
      Teamspeak 3 | Offical Teamspeak 3 Support

      Offical Server Opening Time is: 23 th February 18.00 GMT+1

      Registration is already open.

      Here are the Offical Downloads:


      Rates Value
      Europe/ChineseChinese only.
      Server FilesVSRO Files.
      MapsAll China Areas + Roc Mountain
      Item MallFully working.
      Survival ArenaWorking
      Fortress warJangan only.
      Advanced elixirDisabled

      If we spoke about those rates values so they are not so hard and not so easy ,
      the aim of is being Lv90 in somedays and having full moon isn't fun at all as
      we are a PVE system and would destroy the economy.

      • Skills Mastery Cap300.
      Note : level 1 to level 50
      • Experience Rate30x.
      • SP Experience Rate35x.
      • Party Experience Rate40x.
      • Party SP Experience Rate40x.
      Note : level 50 to level 90
      • Experience Rate10x.
      • SP Experience Rate15x.
      • Party Experience Rate15x.
      • Party SP Experience Rate20x.
      • Berzerk Rate3x.
      • Drop Rate50x.
      • Drop Specialty Goods Box Rate2x.
      • Drop Tokens Rate2x.
      • GoldDrop Rate30x.
      • SOX Rate Customed
      • Job Rate10x.
      • Alchemy Rate1x.

      About Alchemy
      We would like to inform you that our alchemy rates are not that easy,
      as we are controlling it by debugging, what is that? the answer is
      that most of servers owner think that alchemy rates are in the database only
      but they don't know that there is an important part in sro_client debug
      this is a sh*t from joymax to ensure the best controlling in alchemy rates
      So all I can say is our rates are more easier than isro so you will have to dedicated until you achieve
      a satisfying plus valueStarting items are very important to start your journey,We decided to put these items
      for you after creating your character but we won't help you so much
      as you have to achieve your goal by your own but we put those that will help you a little

      Gold 500,000
      Skill Point 100,000

      These stacks were choosen carefully for helping you to save slots and time
      so as we can see here they are high ones.

      We have mass more Information but im unable to post it here becasue a max length of 10000 Signs.....

      • Little Notes •

      • Elements Disabled
      No need for this, we see it totally unusefull and we think nobody uses it at all

      • Seal Of Sun Disabled
      Our server system requires this so that we can control balancing,
      so that we will suffice with moon items and they won't be tradable

      • Sabakuns Disabled
      No need for this! we don't want to see dominance of donators in our server
      we are here play2win and will be for ever.

      • Seal Of Som is max weapons
      As we mentioned up there.

      • Resurrection Scrolls Disabled
      To prevent dominance of donators too and for a better fighting.

      • Purfication Pill bug Fixed
      This is a step for a good pvp experience.

      •Guild Emblem Fixed
      No thing to say it's just a good thing

      • Vigor Decreased to 15%
      Vigors for sure will make a big difference in fighting,
      so that we have decided to reduce its effect to 15% just for balancing too

      • Glows Glows Isro Glows
      We see that it's the best simply , not annoying.

      • Gold Premium Decreased to 5%
      For balancing DMG And DEF abit.

      • Damage & Absorb scrolls Disabled
      The same about donators.

      • Global Chatting: Cool down 1 minutes [auto spawn global delay 15sec]
      To prevent spamming

      • Reverse Scrolls: Cool down 15 Secs
      For giving a chance for all to kill uniques that they want.

      • Silk Per Hour: Enabled [1 silk] from level 90.

      • Devil Spirit: Disabled but we will add 5% devil spirit in a coming update

      • Advanced Elixirs: Disabled

      • FTW: Every Saturday 19:00 Game server time.

      • Old Capes: Enabled

      • Auto Alchemy Notice from +8

      • Auto Equipment •
      You will gain automated equipments from D1 to D8 Sos +3 FB Max, all you need is ' teleporting ' and you will have them.


      • Helping Scrolls •
      No thing new, these scrolls each one have its job you can obviously understand its job from its name.


      • Silk Exchangers •
      You can easily exchange your silks with other players, this method will help to increase economy and marketing in the server.


      • Sox Items •

      In case to ensure a fairly gameplay and a balanced system, we have decided to
      disable the seal of sun items and keep sos and moon ones also this will keep the fair policy for newbies so lets see how can you get them.

      • How to get Seal Of Star Items?

      you can get seal of star item by killing mobs or uniques
      Also you can find it in Donwhang Job Cave with high rates.

      • How to get Seal Of Moon?
      Because this is the most important point for all players, we made different methods
      to obtain the som items but this doesn't mean that you can so easily get it,
      no we won't forget the fun side so we made this normal methods not hard and not easy.

      • Sox Items & Normal Items Comparing •

      Sox Normal
      Seal of starNormal +1
      Seal of moonNormal +3

      There are ( 3 ) ways to get them

      1st Method: Dropping from new uniques with less rate from [ Roc ]

      2nd Method: By Crafting System '' The Three Types Of Awakening Elements & The Four Types Of Awakening Stones''
      According to Many of Complaints of Sro Members about Coins System; We decided to Replace Coin System to Crafting System.
      Crafting System is a way to revive SOM dg 9 Items by using Awakening Elements & Awakening Stones.
      Awakening Glass of Tear: you can get it from our Job "Trades".
      Awakening Red Crystal: it drops from unqiues with good rates .
      Awakening Elixir Powder: it drops from Normal monster and jobbing monster.

      Awakening Stones: it drops as randomly with low rate drop from Uniques , Normal monsters & Job Cave.

      3th Method: Upgrade system, you can through this
      system transform a +9 Sos weapon to a Som +0

      • Uniques System •
      Maybe there are some people ignoring the uniques but we will stop this and make
      them give a big interest for uniques from now by our special uniques system so what is it ?

      After killing an unique you will obtain:
      1-Silk items drops like ( Crafting Element - Crafting Stones - Reverse Scrolls - Globals - Immortal Stones - Astral Stones ).
      2-A title with such unique name you have killed, and if you killed another one
      after it you will get its title too, But if someone killed the same
      unique after your kill your title will be the previous title before the last one.
      3-Automatic silks will be added for you once you kill the unique.
      4-You will see a global says your name and announce your kill.

      So where are the uniques appears , you can know this from these pics
      There are also STR Uniques
      • Union & Guild Set limit •
      To make a better Wars and FTW, to ensure commensurate
      guild and unions with server capacity we have decided to make...

      - Guild limit: is 32 Players
      - Union limit: is 3 Guilds

      • Jobbing •
      Wanna highly build you character to be the best?, so it job coin system's time
      maybe some servers already have this system but they achieved big
      fails but we promise that this system is highly planned and all will like it
      by this system you can get ' Awakening Glass of Tear ' that you have to collect them to revive dg 9 SOM items.
      Also if you wanna be rich then wear your job cape and go for it !

      Trader Gain 8 Awakening Glass of Tear From 5* Goods
      Hunter Gain 5 Awakening Glass of Tear From 5* Goods
      Thief Gain 6 Awakening Glass of Tear From 5* Goods

      - 5* trade costs 32m gold
      - Trans pet Trade is 10 Slot .
      - when you successfully make your job you will obtain x7.5 your gold that mean you will get 200m gold


      • Job Honor System •
      This system depends on your job kills,
      Kill more gain more!, Here your kills will be calculated as Honor Points
      According to your rank you will get honor buffs
      You can follow your rank from storage npc in any town
      this rank will be refreshed everyday 12AM Game server time


      • New Job Suits •
      We added new job suits these suits were enhaced with
      blues and skills that will help you in your job journey,
      but these are limited by job level.

      And wait for more of them in next updates !

      • Academy System •
      In our server the max job level is 40, once you be the higher job level
      in the whole server you will get a special title behind your job alias

      Trader| Leader Job #1
      Hunter| Guardian Job #1
      Thief | Robber Job #1

      • Anti Cheat Buff •
      Once you wear your job suit, you will be able to see this buff
      this buff shows that you are watched and you can't cheat or farming.

      • Winter Box Event •
      As we promised to make you feel the old days of sro world we added this system,
      also we made it more easier because you have to exchange 1 Winter box only
      instead of 10 that mean 1 Winter box = 1 reward ! and you can get it from any mob or any unique.


      • CTF Event •
      Nothing to say here all of us know this, but i mentioned this
      to just let you know that it give you ' Arena Coins ' too

      • Dye System •
      Are you bored of having the same glow with time? we could control that
      from now you have the chance to change you weapon effect
      this system can easily make you choose a new glow for your weapon
      you purchase dye scrolls from Vintage item mall for fair prices
      also we will add more dyes with update so stay tuned and come on change the boring effect !


      •Automatic Kill the GM event.

      •Automatic Hide & Seek event.

      •Automatic Trivia event.

      •Automatic Lucky party number event.

      •Automatic Last man standing event.

      •Automatic Unique event.

      •Automatic Alchemy event.