[Silkroad]Wellcome To SJSRO-Online.Com | Cap 85 | CHN | OLD System

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      [Silkroad]Wellcome To SJSRO-Online.Com | Cap 85 | CHN | OLD System

      [Silkroad]Wellcome To SJSRO-Online.Com | Cap 85 | CHN | OLD System
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      Here we start new era with new cap (85), all in this cape in PvP can have same chances to win it in Thief, Hunter, Trader
      this is the reason why we have alchemy rate too low for have all chances to win in any fun things

      GRAND OPENING 06.28.2016

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      Cap 85
      Only Chinese
      10x exp rate
      Rate spin 5x
      Rat sox 2%
      Rate alchemy 20%
      Rate stone 99x
      Elixir Rate 50x
      FGW Rate 15x
      Mastery 330 you can add 3-85 and 1-75

      System Like old time you can get all Weapon / Cloth / Accessorry easy by drop at Roc Mountain and Cave From Mobs Mobs lvl 85 last DW.
      Last Weapon its Sun DG 9 (lvl 76) that 85 Normal Weapon.
      Max Plus (+) For Weapon / Cloth / Accessorry it 12
      Trade / Thief / Hunter Rate increased & we all have to 34x for changes to be rich to donate it without boots.
      All Unique Drop Arena Con, With all this arena can buy coins Silks item with this arena con Ex. (Follow the pet, Pet Grab, s, scroll, etc ..)
      All FTW Work Perfect Jangan-Bandit-Hotan. Maxi Taxi 20.
      Forgotten World Rawared Its offer 9d (76) The financing Drop Easy tals.
      Do not exit NPC with Item, Its all Like the old system.


      Babilio the


      Do not Forget To Take A Look At The Official Trailer Of SJSRO

      SJSRO Changelogs

      Will be posted at the website Facebook And Here !