Terror Online | D10 | CH&EU | Pve | Balanced| Job Based | Grand Opening 16.10.2016

    • Silkroad

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      Terror Online | D10 | CH&EU | Pve | Balanced| Job Based | Grand Opening 16.10.2016

      Terror Online | D10 | CH&EU | Pve | Balanced| Job Based | Grand Opening 16.10.2016

      Hey Stagetwo,we would like to say its the frist time we make that project ..wo hope you try and tell us ur openion About Our Server

      • I N T R O D U C T I O N •

      • Welcome to our thread Stagetwo! Terror is a new place for those passionate people who want to feel the old days of sro world,also a place for a stable gameplay systems.

      All of our team are trusted people with huge experience!
      • We like to know your opinions and suggestions to be added in the game

      •TerrorSro| Job Based | Cap 100 | Protected | New shapes of weapons
      If you guys like our projects have a chance to join us, we are always waiting for you

      - We are using HyperFilter security , this is well-known and all know that it's the best so we don't need to speak alot about it.

      • Terror Links •

      Download Links have been added !
      •Grand Opening 16.10.2016•
      Register is availabele !

      Spoiler anzeigen
      Server Name | TerrorSro
      Degree | 10
      Cap | 100
      Race | Chinese / Europe
      Towns | Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan,
      Maximun plus | 12
      Mastery Level | Europeans: 200 / Chinese : 330
      Exp rate | High enough to get lvl 100 fast
      Skill Point | High enough to Max Your Skill lvl 100 without gap
      Drop Rate | 10x
      Auto equipment of items | From D1 to D9 SOS Full Blue 61% stats, +3
      Upgrade Weapon System | Explained below
      Alchemy rates | MaxPlus is 12
      MaxStack| 1000 – 5000
      Trade Rate | 70x
      Uniques spawn | Increased for all normal uniques
      Botting is allowed | normal mobs don’t drop useful things
      Protection | DDoS Protection
      Admins | Experienced and professional staff members[/CENTER]

      Alchemy Rate
      Spoiler anzeigen

      Plus |Rate
      +1| 90%
      +2| 70%
      +3| 60%
      +4| 40%
      +5| 30%
      +6| 15%
      +7| 10%
      +8| 5%
      +9| 3%
      +10| 2%
      +11| 1%
      +12| 1%

      Starting items are very important to start your play,We decided to put these items
      for you after creating your character but we won't help you so much
      as you have to achieve your goal by your own but we put those that will help you a little
      HP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
      MP Recovery potion X-large 1000 unit
      Drug Speed 100% 20 unit
      Reverse Scrolls 11 unit
      Ghost summon Scroll 3 days

      •Uniques Places•

      • Union & Guild Set limit •
      To make a better Wars and FTW, to ensure commensurate
      guild and unions with server capacity we have decided to make...

      - Guild limit: is 50 Players
      - Union limit: is 4 Guilds

      • Jobbing •
      we know that build a strong character is a boring thing and almost of open servers with this system had a some fails so we make a advantage in our server it will responsible about just 1 coin from Job named by (Cold Coin) until you can build your charcter with full equip set that you like it ,so we allowed all items by cheap prices

      Trader Gain 4 Coins From 5* Goods
      Hunter Gain 2 Coins From 5* Goods
      Thief Gain 1 Coins From 5* Goods

      - 5* trade costs 21 Million

      •Auto Equip•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      This will force you to get online everyday, Everyday you log in you will receive a gift after every day the gift will be better.
      if you don't log in one day you will lose the gift increasing, and you will have to start from the beginning .

      •Automatic 2 Silk/H•
      Spoiler anzeigen

      We all know levelling is the most boring part in Silkroad.
      Terror wants players to reach the cap in a fair amount of time
      That's why we enabled Auto Equip. You will get SOS FB +3 stats 61% items from D1-D9 to reach endgame in a decent amount of time.

      •New Glows•

      •Upgrade Weapon System•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      can you belive that Our server have all specifications it's time now to found all what you dream in one server until not be boring server we start by
      sample idea about upgrade system :
      when you have sos or moon +9 you have decision to change it to upper degree like the weapon form this give the more free to enjoy by game advantages.

      • Job Cave•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      The Donwhang Cave has been changed into a Job Cave, it will drop sos items and elixirs And Lottery Event's

      •Custom items•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      Terror introduces New 6 SoX items!
      The Type Of Sos Item's:
      The Type Of Som Item's
      The Type Of Sun Item's
      we edited the items to make the dmg fair :
      sos = normal item
      som = normal item +2.5
      sun = normal item + 3.5

      •Special trade route added•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      The main objective is to allow the triangular jobbing to be more centralized,
      due to the fact that traders will take these in order to gain more 'Trade Experience' and Contribution,
      which is used to gain coins in return. By using this
      method of centralization, thieves will need to search
      less for trades and hunters will have fun by killing real players
      instead of some easy NPCs which are usually simply ignored.

      •Jangan Cave Tomb has been customized•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      Modified to drop sos items and stones with a low rate of elixirs drops.
      Jangan Cave Tomb Mobs Modified
      B1 Mobs > level 90
      B2 Mobs > level 94
      B3 Mobs > level 97
      B4 Mobs > level 98/99

      •New Job Suits•
      Spoiler anzeigen
      we added new job suits for Chinese and Europes :
      Chinese job suits are added with blues and skills
      Europe job suits are added with blues only

      •New Avatars•