Update 21.06- Sailor online preview

  • BIG Anniversary Update - Monday 21st of June!

    Celebrating our half year anniversary we are working on one of the biggest and most exciting updates yet! So what is coming?

    1. Dungeon of Phantom Pits.

    As previously announced phantom pits is a new dungeon where the enemy boss will be a fellow pet! It's created as the main way to get the brand new fellow pet stones. It will be a world event and not a PVE dungeon. This means whenever the boss spawns all players will be able to teleport on the same instance and fight for it!

    2. NEW Fellow Pet Stones.

    Not 1... not 2... there are 21 new fellow pet stones joining our adventure! Stones will only work on 110 fellow items giving them all kind of blue stats you can imagine. Those stones will be trade-able and will certainly boost the market and player trades too!

    3. Arena Ghost Event.

    Arena coins really are important for our players as they are one of the major requirements of egy items. Arena ghost event is an extra battle arena format event that will help you collecting more of them. However, this event will be held in a new area with a very different concept than the one you're used to!

    4. Season 6 Sailor Pass.

    It's crazy how time flies... we are approaching the 6th season of Sailor Pass! As always we are making sure it will be a very special season with great innovations to come!

    5. NEW Character Stones.

    And now something that you didn't expect! We are re-working the original Roc stones as we plan on adding them to the game in a customized version which will ensure our balance is not affected. Instead, they will be a tweak improving some stats of the item they are equipped. We will use them to spice up current activities. Possible ways to get them:

    1. Coin of Courage & Gold.

    2. Coin of Combativeness & Gold.

    3. HWT - Advanced.

    4. Job Uniques.

    5. Roc.

    6. Medusa.

    This is the current concept, anything can change until the day the update takes place.

  • Greetings, @everyone

    Red Sea - June 13th 2021

    1. We changed the old job system data from INT to INT64, which will allow us to add more job levels with higher required EXP in the feature. I don't think some will understand what this means, but it's a very important change for the upcoming patches. Sailor is the first server to do that so hell yea heart

    2. Fixed a very rare random bug that cause the game to not be responsive inside CTF or BA sometimes.

    3. Paid the job weekly rewards for THREE weeks. None of the top 50 missed his/her coins.

  • @everyone :FirePurple: Dungeon of the Phantom Pits - Concept Creation,:FirePurple:
    As previously explained, Dungeon of the Phantom Pits is an open world instance where players will get to fight Fellow Pets in a unique version.
    This dungeon will be the one and only way to acquire the new super rare magic stones for fellow pets.
    Our first idea is to simply make it an instance where all players teleport in and fight the uniques simply competing in their damage output.
    However, after thinking about it we've come to the conclusion that this concept could be a bit boring and favor only specific builds.
    We really want this dungeon to get all players and builds involved. So our very new idea is to turn it into an instance that will combine both PvP & PvE aspects as following.

    The dungeon area will be a guild format PvP exactly like Fortress War. Guild and union members will be allies and will be fighting against other guilds!

    All unions will compete inside for the same purpose... Killing the big boss and getting those new rare fellow pet stones. To succeed proper team-play and organisation will be required!

    Seeing the current great guilds competition on Fortress War, we believe this idea will offer the best possible entertainment.
    :arrowbullet:Which concept do you prefer?

    "1. React with :yellowflame: for PvE open world instance where all players simply fight for the unique kills inside (same like on Medusa and Roc)."

    "2. React :pinkflame: for PvP open world instance where all guilds oppose each other inside and compete for the unique kills."

  • Greetings, @everyone
    Red Sea - June 22nd 2021

    1. Released Ghost Hunt Arena Event

    Why Ghost Hunting is cool?
    :arrowbullet:NEW Players friendly as the only way to get points on the event is with Talismans of Exorcism which deal the same damage to Ghosts regardless the player's set.

    :arrowbullet:NEW Catacombs area and new Ghost monsters with amazing animations!

    :arrowbullet:Very good rewards for a 10 minutes duration event!

    :arrowbullet:NEW Event concept combining both PvP and PvE mechanisms!

    :arrowbullet:Timers every day:
    1. 5:40 PM GMT+2
    2. 1:40 AM GMT+2
    3. 9:40 AM GMT+2

    Complete details can be found on the photos attached.

    2. Changed HWT to be SOLO and PARTY. Please report any bugs.

    3. Added 1x week job coin rewards.

    4. Disabled res scrolls in CTF and BA(Bearbeitet)



    If you can not connect to the game please disable your router firewall. If you dont know how to do it please contact TE-DATA (WE) on 01555000111 and report the problem, they will fix it to you.

    إذا لم تتمكن من الاتصال باللعبة ، فيرجى تعطيل جدار حماية جهاز التوجيه الخاص بك. إذا كنت لا تعرف كيفية القيام بذلك ، فيرجى الاتصال بـ TE-DATA (WE) على 01555000111 والإبلاغ عن المشكلة ، وسيقومون بإصلاحها لك.

    Thanks to @pasha for the solution.

  • @everyone
    :SC_hypeblock: Sailor Pass - Season 6 is now live!
    We are introducing you the sixth season of Sailor Pass... Golden Reaper is sailing in the Red Sea...

    What do I earn being a Sailor Pass subscriber?
    You gain access to Sailor Pass item mall tabs allowing you to purchase exclusive rare visuals and enjoy discounts on many items.
    Sailor Pass - Levels.
    There are 6 different levels that are synced with your job levels. Each level unlocks some new items!
    Season 6 Benefits.
    1. Title Reaper (Orange): 1.000 HP Increase & 5% Movement Speed Increase.
    2. Golden Reaper exclusive avatar.
    3. NEW Trans, Ability & Vehicle Pet.

    Vehicle: Wild Pig
    Stats: Moving Speed 17.5m & HP 50.000

    Cost: 1 Silk x3 units pack.

    Trans: Mule
    Stats: Moving Speed 5.2m & HP 565.000

    Ability Pet: Ghost

    4. NEW Job Titles (can be used only with job suit equipped).
    Trader Job Title: Pathfinder (Green)
    3 STR & INT Increase.
    All resistances 3% Increase.
    HP 1200 Increase.
    Moving Speed 8% Increase.

    Hunter Job Title: Guardian (Cyan)
    3 STR & INT Increase.
    Block 3% Increase.
    HP 1200 Increase.
    Moving Speed 8% Increase.

    Thief Job Title: Kleptomaniac (Purple)
    3 STR & INT Increase.
    Critical 3% Increase.
    HP 1200 Increase.
    Moving Speed 8% Increase.

    5. NEW Party Titles (can be used only in parties).

    Grim Reaper (Red).
    Stats: Attack when in party with EXP/Item auto-share enabled 8% increase.
    Azrael (Gray).
    Stats: Attack when in party with free for all enabled 8% increase.
    6. NEW Special Flag.

    Name: Blue Dragon Flag
    Stats: 4 STR & INT Increase.

    7. NEW Bear Attack Pet.

    All job and party based titles will be deleted once Sailor Pass Season 6 ends.

    Season Duration: 50 Days(Bearbeitet)

  • @everyone
    :rs_flash: Red Sea - June 28th 2021

    1. NEW Sailor Pass Season 6 is available.

    Details: https://bit.ly/rsseason6

    2. Attendance Event has been restarted.
    3. Blues limit per item has been increased from 9 to 11.
    4. Gray Wolf is now available in Stable NPCs, Normal & Premium Magic PoP.

    Attack pets can't spawn if a Fellow Pet is already spawned. We understand this could make a great majority of the players completely ignore them. We will be working in the future to improve their importance making them a respectable second strategy option.

    5. Replaced 10 PM Guild Battle Arena with Ghost Arena Event.
    6. Changed 5:50 PM Ghost Arena Event to start at 5:55 so it won't overlap with previous Battle Arena.
    7. Fix a bug on fortress war kill counter window.
    8. Added the weekly job contribution for thieves.
    9. Added the weekly job coin rewards.
    10. Fortress War time will be changed to earlier next week helping PH community to attend easier as they now stand as the biggest community of the server. New time will be announced in the coming days. 11. We have upgraded the game base from VC 8.0 (2005) to VC 14.0 (2015) giving us an incredible freedom when coding new features. Some crazy things will be coming soon!

    Introducing Devil's Spirit Magicstones.

    Devil magicstone will add a new magic option giving your devil/angel spirit up to 10% increased damage against uniques!
    This stone will be available only from the following in-game ways:

    1. Roc: Drops 2x

    2. Medusa: Drops 1x

    3. Holy Water Temple - Advanced Uniques: 10% chance to drop 1x.
    4. Job Temple Uniques.
    Anubis: 50% chance to drop 1x. Isis: 50% chance to drop 1x. Neith: 50% chance to drop 1x. Selket: 50% chance to drop 1x.
    Haroeris: Drops 1x. Seth: Drops 2x.
    5. Forgotten World Uniques:
    Ghost Sereness - 1 Star: 10% chance to drop 1x.
    Ghost Sereness - 2 Stars: 15% chance to drop 1x.
    Ghost Sereness - 3 Stars: 25% chance to drop 1x.
    Ghost Sereness - 4 Stars: Drops 1x.

    Introducing NEW Character Stones (Roc Stones).
    Perfect your characters with the newest stones available!

    Magic Stone of Sorrow.
    Sleep probability reduction up to 25% at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of IronHeard.
    Fear probability reduction up to 25% at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of Guardian.
    Stun probability reduction up to 11% at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of Incandescence.
    Disease probability reduction up to 25% at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of Abyss.
    Combustion probability reduction up to 25% at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of IronShield.
    Blocking Rate up to 3 increase at best stone stage.

    Magic Stone of Sharpness.
    Critical Rate up to 3 increase at best stone stage.

    :arrowbullet:You can get those stones from the following game activities:

    1. Roc: Drops 4x

    2. Holy Water Temple - Advanced Uniques: 20% chance to drop 1x.
    3. Job Temple Uniques.
    Anubis: Drops 1x.
    Isis: Drops 1x.
    Neith: Drops 1x.
    Selket: Drops 1x.
    Haroeris: Drops 1x. Seth: Drops 2x.
    4. Survival Arena Manager.
    Magic Stone of Abyss: 20x Coins of Combativeness & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Guardian: 30x Coins of Combativeness & 10M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Incandescence: 20x Coins of Combativeness & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of IronShield: 30x Coins of Combativeness & 10M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Sharpness: 50x Coins of Combativeness & 20M Gold.
    Magic Stone of IronHeard: 20x Coins of Combativeness & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Sorrow: 20x Coins of Combativeness & 6M Gold.

    5. Arena Item Manager.
    Magic Stone of Abyss: 40x Coins of Courage & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Guardian: 60x Coins of Courage & 10M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Incandescence: 40x Coins of Courage & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of IronShield: 60x Coins of Courage & 10M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Sharpness: 90x Coins of Courage & 20M Gold.
    Magic Stone of IronHeard: 40x Coins of Courage & 6M Gold.
    Magic Stone of Sorrow: 40x Coins of Courage & 6M Gold.(Bearbeitet)


  • @everyone

    We promised that new and exciting features would be added to Sailor. It's finally time to show off some of these mind-boggling features. This new feature will be added to Sailor as the first server. Your wish has been granted! There will be a total of FIVE inventory pages. Tired of organizing everything just to keep free inventory slots?
    We are here to help! Pet inventory expansion is coming soon; increase your pet inventory to 5 pages and stop worrying! We accomplished something that no one else, not even JMX, could. Salute, Sailor! Please repeat after me!




    :RedAlert: The date is... August 6th!! :RedAlert:
    :pirateparrot: A new sailing adventure is on the way, a new world is about to be explored,

    All team will be working hard to ensure the expansion comes in the best way possible. We won't just release original 140 cap content, instead, we will customise it in an attempt to improve all server activities. The whole 140 cap system will be very well thought involving all game activities both PvP & PvE!


  • @everyone

    pirateparrot Greetings Sailors of the Red Sea,

    Sailing on the 8th month of our adventure, we felt like analysing the refuelling stops that will help us continue sailing at full speed!

    aoe1Refuelling Stop - Suez.

    Reaching the port of Suez we will be applying the following upgrades/improvements to our beloved ship:

    1. NEW Fellow Pet Stones.

    Those new stones will give a great boost to all Fellow Pet items. The main way to get them will of course be Dungeon of Phantom Pits.

    2. Dungeon of the Phantom Pits.

    This dungeon will bring a new daily guild format PvP action event to the server. Rules inside will be similar to the Fortress War, guilds & unions will fight inside to conquer the area and get the unique drops for themselves!

    pinkflame Dungeon will open 2 times per day to fit all time zones as Job Temple does.

    It is possible that we will also bring a PvE mode if time allows it.

    3. Pet Inventory Expansion.

    As you already know we've successfully created a new pet inventory expansion item that will expand your pet's inventory to 5 pages!

    aoe2Refuelling Stop - Sharmah.

    Reaching the port of Sharmah we will be applying the following upgrades/improvements to our beloved ship:

    1. Balance Improvements.

    As promised long ago, we want to work on another balance patch that will unlock the old Chinese Mastery system and bring so many new viable builds to the server. Of course, other changes will also happen to ensure the balance is not affected in a bad way.

    2. VIP Icons based on players ranking.

    We know you love flexing, so we've thought of adding the VIP icons to the game completely based on your position on the item-points-based ranking. The highest-ranked player on the game will get the purple icon, the top 5 will get the blue one, etc.

    3. Job Improvements.

    We value and listen to your feedback. Job levels won't reset anymore, instead, we will be improving the whole system offering a wider range of levels with different rewards. Reaching higher levels will allow you to purchase new job suits and titles with better magic options showing your enemies the dedication to your job union!

    aoe3 Refuelling Stop - Berenice.

    Reaching the port of Berenice we will be applying the following upgrades/improvements to our beloved ship:

    1. Advanced Elixirs.

    One of the most important additions to the game at this stage will be Advanced Elixirs. There will be 2 different ways to get Advanced Elixirs:

    arrowbulletRare Advanced Elixir B will be available on the job NPCs in exchange for coins. They will be untradeable and this will be the only way to acquire them.

    arrowbulletVicious Shadows Uniques will drop all other Advanced Elixirs including all versions of normal and rare ones. Those Advanced Elixirs will all be trade-able.

    2. Chamber of Vicious Shadows.

    A party-based dungeon where you're called to face all legendary uniques in an empowered form. Except for Advanced Elixirs there will be many other valuable drops making it worth a visit!

    Please understand that Mega will be focused on the 140 cap update for the first Sailor server during July, all those updates are expected after the 140 cap expansion. We know you want them sooner but you will have to respect that the other server also deserves some attention and updates after RS had Mega's entire focus for the past year.

    rs_flash https://redsea.sailor-online.com/

    Detail: Preview of Seth cap 140 upcoming update :FirePurple:

    Es handelt sich hier um ein update für den 2. SAILOR Server!!!! Nicht der Haupt 110 Cap

    We'd like to let you know that there will be a new job temple for the cap 140 update. The current default game will be kept as well, as low levels can prepare for higher levels. We began working on it two days ago :hyper:.

  • @everyone

    A sneak peak into your characters temple!


    One of a kind with your base information displayed on immediate page load.

    You will be able to see what you're carrying as equipment and how they are decked out, your last unique kill with a unique background representing the unique you last slayed. Not only that, your hard earned unique points will be on display!

    If you are wondering what someone said or other uniques they killed, just scroll down for more information.

    We are planning to expand the profile information with more usefull information as we go. We have more coming and this is just the start of something great.



  • @everyone For the cap 130 players, this is a critical public announcement. I'll let everyone know that actual cash sales will not be tolerated. No matter who you are, what guild you belong to, or where you come from.

    1. Don't think that we abandoned cap 130, therefore you can do whatever you want. That is not correct; we are working on cap 140 and a large piece of content that will be released soon.

    2. Don't think that because the server has a small player base, we'll let you do something illegal.

    3 Don't share your accounts or log into your friends' accounts on your computer. if you or they become involved in a genuine cash sale situation. You will both be permanently banned from sailor.

    4. Don't try to be clever; we know how to be cleverer. So, stay away from illegal activities. Do it away from sailor or you will forever lose your chance to be a sailor.

    5. Don't be greedy and say, "Oh wow, I'm going to sell my extra set or gold for some cash." This will result in your ban.

    6. Don't think it's legal just because you accepted a real cash offer and didn't do it. You will be banned regardless.

    7. Always read the Sailor rules and make sure you understand them. If English isn't your first language, Google Translate is your best friend.

    8. If you come into contact with an illegal situation or case, I will not tolerate you being banned.

  • Dear Sailors,

    It has come to our attention that some statistics on the website character inspection are incorrect. This can be due to PHPs different intepretation of the values passed down from the game.

    For some characters; incorrect values and/or statistics might be shown. This can give a shady feeling towards other players... rest assured, none of the values in these particular cases are real and we are investigating the cause.

    If any of the stats and/or items are found to be manipulated, we will take correct measures.

    Please note that the stats are also subject to contain errors as the calculations are done differently as opposed to your client.

    I hope to have clarified a few uncertainties regarding this odd phenomena.

    Kind regards,

  • @everyone Greetings,

    I'd like to inform you that the cap 140 update will be delayed for another week due to the massive amount of work that is still in progress. This is only a rough estimate of time.

    Please keep in mind that all game coins, as well as all dungeon of frozen tower and shadow dungeon tickets, will be removed. Please use any remaining dungeon tickets before the 140 update.