Update 21.06- Sailor online preview

  • Sailor Cap 140 - March 5th 2022

    1. Items that have been locked can now be exchanged, as can race exchanged. If your items were locked by the Sailor team for any reason, you can now exchange them from gori to another race or type.
    2. Re-enabled the attendance event.
    3. Fixed the guild negative GP bug.
    4. Changed the current negative guilds GP to positive.
    5. Improved the animation sync system.
    6. Improved the server performances.
    7. We are pleased to introduce the new ignore defense feature, which has been implemented correctly. You can now see all ignore defense attacks in a more fancy way! :Nice: :cooldoge:

    New Ignore Feature!


  • Greetings, @everyone
    Sailor Cap 140 - March 24th 2022

    1. Increased the HP of trans pets by 15%.

    2. Reduced the price of Blacksmith of Sailor items by -20%, including Platinum, Diamond, Rhodium Coin, and Gold.

    3. Reduced the price of Dungeon of Frozen Tower ticket by -20%.

    4. Reduced the price of the Awakening Enhancement Scroll by -20%.

    5. Reduced the price of level up gem stones at Hotan Acc NPC by -20%.

    6. Reduced the cost of all DG12~DG13 awakenings in Hotan Acc NPC by -20%.

    7. Reduced the price of Great Lucky Powder by -20% in Hotan Acc NPC.

    8. Reduced the fellow pet supplies (Pill Potion tab on Stable NPC) by -20%.

    9. Reduced all potion and pill prices by -20%.

    10. Reduced the Drug of typoon price by -20%

    11. Fixed the Knock Down bug that was reported in Seven Seas CBT; just STUN > KD or KB > KD someone, and the game enables you to attack with any skill while the opponent is knocked down. From now on while the opponent is knocked down, you will be able to attack solely with the allowed skill like how its when you ONLY KD someone. This bug is abused in large fights when a few members of the party simply stun knock you down and then you are killed by 5x wizards at the same time.

    We are aware of the Wheels' critical pricing and how it consumes a large amount of gold. However, the aforementioned pricing modifications will save you a lot of gold every day. We will be watching the market.