Sailor bringt seinen 3. Server raus! 90 CAP DELUXE

  • Zuerst möchte ich sagen, dass die anderen 2 Server über ein Jahr schon am laufen sind und weiterhin online bleiben! Täglich über 800 Spieler online. Kein Bot funktioniert. Max char 1!

    IT IS OFFICIAL... Sailor Online presents a NEW server...

    Welcome the Seven Seas!!!

    90 CAP

    Chinese & European

    Progressive CAP

    Old Chinese Mastery System

    Play2Win Wheels

    Immense Builds Variety

    Why Seven Seas?

    Simply because the name couldn't describe this adventure any better! As a cap raising project we will get to discover lots of different destinations and explore the greatest seas. What's our very final destination? The Red Sea of course!

    Wheels on 90 CAP? Probably a bad idea... NOT!

    It is really expected to have a bad first impression when thinking about wheels on a 90 CAP server. However, this is caused by the terrible implementation wheels first had when they were introduced on official. System was 100% pay2win oriented creating huge power gaps between donators and non. We've proven that with a proper implementation like 140 CAP server had where wheels are exclusively given with play2win ways it is a system that is contributing a lot to the overall experience.

    Wheels really help solve a big issue this game has when it comes to builds and general variety. They allow you to personalize your character, to finally feel like your build and setup is one of a kind!

    Additionally, Wheels also contribute on the server's lifetime as it's a feature that replaces the classic stones/blues system which players are occupied with for no longer than a week. Wheels offer continuous improvements to your set which will take VERY LONG to perfect. All Wheel related items can really keep server activities running non-stop since those items maintain a stable value with the demand remaining consistent unlike with classic stones.

    Greatest builds variety of all time!

    We've really taken another stance when it comes to builds variety and balance. After putting great effort working on balance changes on both 110 & 140 CAP servers, we've understood how important it is for all kinds of builds to be competitive. There is nothing more refreshing for a player than changing a build after some time while remaining as strong as before. There is nothing worse than being forced to play a build you don't enjoy just to stay on the server "meta".

    Combining the old-school Chinese Mastery system with Wheels and lots of balance changes we really plan on making EVERY single build worth to play creating a server with an amazing diversity where all players will get to enjoy the build they love without any sacrifices!

    Jeder weiß Megamax macht die besten Server.

    Ich kann euch gerne Details zu den anderen Servern geben. Komplett free 2 play man hat keine Vorteile durch silk Käufe!!

    Seit über 2 Jahren bin ich ein Teil der Community und ich muss sagen es gibt kein admin der so auf seine Spieler hört wie Megamax.

  • Greetings Sailors of the 7 Seas,

    :7s_hype: It is time to sail again, it is time to discover a new world. A new era unfolds!


    :arrowbullet:Trailer Release - 18.3.2022

    :arrowbullet:System Release (Elitepvpers Topic) - 19.3.2022

    :arrowbullet:Closed Beta Testing - 20.3.2022 8 PM GMT+2

    :arrowbullet:Open Beta Testing - 25.3.2022 8 PM GMT+2

    :arrowbullet:Grand Opening - 8.4.2022 8 PM GMT+2

    Get your crew ready, this will be the greatest adventure of all time.

  • @everyone
    :7s_hype: Greetings Sailors of the 7 Seas,

    Open Beta phase has been delayed from Friday 25.3 to Sunday 27.3 at 8 PM GMT+2. Note that the Closed Beta phase will continue until then.

    We've decided this delay so we can move the beta host from US to EU. This will help majority of our players test the game and balance more efficiently without any ping issues.

    Additionally we're preparing a very big balance patch prior to public access which should give everyone a better image of how promising 7 Seas system is!

    Download links will be available on Saturday.

  • @everyone

    Sailor Online: 7 Seas - Open Beta is now sailing!


    Send the following commands in all chat:

    1. ILOVE90: Will instantly get you to level 90 and grant you Premium Sailor Points.

    2. ILOVECH: Will drop you Chinese accessories, set parts, weapon & shield.

    3. ILOVEEU: Will drop you European accessories, set parts, weapon & shield.

    You can exchange both set parts and weapons to Magic POP Guide Gori and choose the set/weapon you prefer to play with.

    4. ILOVEWHEELSSTR: Will grant all items currently equipped on your character STR Wheels blues.

    5. ILOVEWHEELSINT: Will grant all items currently equipped on your character INT Wheels blues.

    6. ILOVESTONES: Will drop all wheel related items allowing you to test and get familiar with the wheeling process.

    if you want to play a custom/hybrid build you can use STR or INT wheel commands to set parts separately.

    For example if you want to go 50-50 hybrid put half of your set use ILOVEWHEELSSTR command and then put the other half and put ILOVEWHEELSINT!

    download Download:



    verifyblack Registration:

    You can register by simply typing an ID & Password on the log-in screen. Once you do your account is automatically created and you can then relog using the information you entered.

    Some features and dungeons are not visible/available yet. We will be slowly enabling and testing them all. We're still testing the balance and we want everyone to focus on this for now.

    You will be informed whenever an activity/feature is added and testing is required!

    Have fun!!

  • :partyparrothype: STREAM MODE IS COMING TO SEVEN SEAS :partyparrothype:

    Did you know that Sailor has its own feature known as Stream Mode? We created this feature to make our client resemble isro gui, so you can stream without fear of losing your channel or being banned.

    Is Sailor going to be the home for all sro streamers? Come again GGWP :cooldoge:

    Everything in Stream Mode is VISUAL :PU_DittoPoggers:

  • Thank you for joining 7 Seas!
    As you all know we are working hard on the server and it's release aswell as the website.

    Building upon the great foundation that we had in Red Sea we will continue to improve the web experience in 7 Seas!

    With this said; The website will be available in stages for you.
    1. The Launch Stage
    2. The Monitor & Enable Stage
    3. The Feature Stage

    This is the website as it will come with the launch of the server, in this stage we have disabled the heavy load features and only enabled the core functionality.

    The following core functionality are enabled
    - Account creation
    - Login & Dashboard
    - Password recovery
    - News
    - Event timers
    - Streamer features
    - Unique tracker
    - SailorPass information
    - Downloads
    - Knowledgebase
    - *Donations (This might come in later)
    - GlobalChat tracking

    The following features are disabled
    - Character statistics
    - Rankings
    - Fortress Widgets
    - Guild statistics

    The features are disabled due to lack of data and high load on launch days.

    After launch we plan on tweaking the website's performance in order to provide a fast but smooth experience, thus we will monitor the core functions and slowly start enabling the disabled features named in the the 1st stage.

    This will give us time to adapt to the load on the website and make sure every feature doesn't cause conflict with existing functionality.

    This stage will begin once everything is launched correctly and optimized.

    This stage will focus on adding never before seen features to our website and web experience making you active on the website aswell as ingame!

    With features like expanded support to getting perks and benefits by completing tasks on the website. We will continue to add more statistics to your profiles so you can track, check and stalk your fellow Sailors!

    I am excited to share all my work with you and welcome you to 7 Seas!

    Explore away Sailors!
    - Nidze ❤️

  • @everyone

    Please vote for your preferred MACRO experience reduction.

    The only options we accept are those listed, there won't be any other options, so choose one of those.

    While voting keep in mind that these polls are made to gather feedback. A winning option is not 100% sure applied.


    Wer wieder MACRO BOT benutzt bekommt EXP strafe und erhält so weniger.. die meisten stimme sind für "You receive 80% of the real rate"