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    -Race : Yes
    -Auto Potion: Yes
    -Magic Pop : Yes
    -Alchemy : Yes
    -FGW : Yes
    -CTF : Yes
    -Events : Yes
    -Coins : Yes
    -Job Cave : Yes
    -Fortress : Yes
    -Jupiter : Yes
    -Vote for DPoints : Yes
    -Pots, Pills, Vigor Stack 300 -Arrows, Bolts Stack 3000
    - All 0% Stones 50 Stack

    Live Support available:

    German : Yes
    English : Yes
    Turkye : Yes
    Bulgarian : Yes

    Public TheDarkness Teamspeak Server 3
    Ts Ip : Online

    TheDarkness v 1.193
    ~Add HP/MP Pots XXLarge 1050 recovery
    ~Add ArchAngel Dress
    ~Add Cube 50 to NPC
    ~Add D12 Lucky Powder to NPC
    ~Add D12 Nova moon sun to Magic Pop
    ~Add Devil Spirit (S) Grade maybee +1+2+3+4 to Magic PoP When you Win is it still dead Pls telport to awaken it
    ~Add Devil Spirit Magicstone to Magic PoP
    ~Change the Beginner quest item from star to Sun

    TheDarkness v 1.198
    ~Add D10 Weapons in NPC
    ~Alchemy Rates Fixed
    ~+1+2+3+4 Instant with Lucky Powder
    ~+5+6+7+8 Chance 50% with Lucky Powder
    ~+9+10+11+12 rate 2x with Lucky Powder

    TheDarkness v 1.199
    ~Add Advanced elixir d13 Class B in NPC for gold
    ~Add Advanced elixir D13 Class C and D
    ~Comming soon in NPC

    TheDarkness v 1.201 ~ v1.220
    ~Add Advanced elixir d13 Class C (+3) Class D(+4) in NPC
    ~Add New NPC for special Items
    ~Add Zerk Scrolls in NPC
    ~Add Unique Scrolls in Dark Seller Side 2
    ~Add Demon Shaitan Dress
    ~Add Pandoras, Sabkuns Jewel, DMG Ins/Abs 10% and 20% Scrolls in Dark Seller
    ~Upped Job Profit rates to 70x
    ~Change The Speed From Horse lvl 90 (160% now)
    ~Immortal, Astral, Lucky and Steady Stones now Stackable (50Stacks)
    ~Add Special Magic Cubes Weapon 100 and 200 Slots in Dark Seller

    TheDarkness v 1.221
    ~Add Special Magic Cubes Weapon 100 and 200 Slots in Dark Seller
    ~Change The price from 50 Cube weapon
    ~Open Event Mobs Wolf(Event)-Darkyang
    ~Event Mobs Drop Silk Items, Special Items,Gold and Silver Coins and d8 Sun Weapons
    ~Later i Add lvl60,lvl80 and lvl 100 Event mobs, too

    TheDarkness v 1.229
    ~Open New Event Mobs On Ice (Event)Pinguin Fighter lvl 54
    ~They can Drop alot of Silver and Gold Coins, D9 Sun Weapon and Accessory, Zerk Potion, 100% Vigor, 2 kind of Dress´s, Tiger Hat and Dimension Hole lvl 3
    ~New Wanted Unique Event Open
    ~[WANTED]Princess Thief Stolen Items from GM Team like Immortal and Astral Tablett D12, Globals, Rudolphs and GM Speed Scroll 600%, She is Full edit like 550k HP and Low dmg so every user can Kill her easy and when you Found and Kill her you can get the stolen Items.
    ~Increased the Droprate in ForgottenWorld

    TheDarkness v 1.230
    ~Change Stall Gold to 99b to prevent scamm

    Update TheDarkness v1.237
    ~Add New Special Event Speed scrolls 600%
    ~Add Bolts to Jangan Blacksmith
    ~Add Phoenix Wing Dress
    ~Add Angel Wing Dress
    ~Add Special White Devil Suit avaible soon

    Update TheDarkness v1.244
    ~Add New Follow Pet Uruchy
    ~Uruchy = Attack Pet, Ride Pet
    ~Uruchy have 5 different Sizes just try it out
    ~Stall Network = Consignment Open for D12

    [SIZE=5]TheDarkness Update V 250

    ~ Add 3 New Fellow Pets, King Kong, Gryphoon and Akabus
    you can found in Dark Seller Jangan Side 3
    ~ Add New Quest Name = Help [GM]Free
    Avaibale at lvl 45 Blacksmith Chulsan in Jangan
    Hunting 35 Young Event Wolf´s
    Reward: EXP 1,250,000 / SPexp 1,250,000 / GOLD 7,2M / 10 Global Chatting

    Here a Little Video about The Quest

    Help [GM]Free Tutorial Quest Tutorial - YouTube

    [SIZE=5]TheDarkness Update V 252

    [COLOR="Red"]~ Fixed Purification Pill Bug[/COLOR]

    [SIZE=5]TheDarkness Update V 253-256

    ~ Add New Event Mobs Jinn´s in Alex, Drop
    Egy Fight Weapons, Coins and more !

    ~ Add New Death Bone Unique
    ~ Add Wanted Princess Thief Unique to AutoSpawn
    every 6 Hours arround Jangan

    ~ Add Battle Golem lvl 10 (massive Exp) Unique to AutoSpawn
    every 30minutes arround Jangan

    So Guys I Hope you get enough Information from us ?!
    And maybe we see us next ON TS or in game !!

    Join us nOw Have Fun Your TheDarkness Team