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    Opening Time: Tuesday, 16.02.2015 18:00 Athos Standard Time

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    In the process of developing "Athos" we wanted to add that "touch" that would bring players into the past, and have that intense feeling that we all received a few years back on iSRO. But along with this feeling, many people are interested in a mix between private, and public Silkroad features, so we have minimum edits, but made sure that the main portions of this server are iSRO related. We facilitated gaining silk/gold as a player in many different ways that don't involve donating so everyone will have an equal opportunity at becoming a legend.

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    As a conclusion we would like to receive feedback, along with constructive criticism in building this server. Everyone/race is welcome as we are an international team. Anything that comes to your mind as of updates/edits would be more than appreciated! I hope everyone has an amazing journey, as the staff is ready to do our part of improving daily to build our empire!

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