[silkroad]Ordeal Sro-[D12-PVP-Play2win-Nice Systems]

  • Welcome to Ordeal's Thread
    We decided to publish a stable D12 PVP server
    which it's not common at these days with stable systems
    Just Launched !
    2015 07:53:00 PM
    Website : http://ordeal-sro.com/

    Game status : Online !

    Skills Cap|120
    Race|Chinese & European
    EXP/SP Rates|It's PVP
    Party EXP/SP Rates|It's PVP
    Max Plus|Max +18
    Job Rates|51m for 5 stars
    Exploits Protected|Yes
    DDOS Protected|Yes
    Free Silk| Silk/h only
    Battle Arena|Working!
    Capture the Flag|Working!
    Fortress war|Jangan Currently
    Daily Events|Yes
    Job Temple|Working!

    Standard Features

    Root Info

    Rates Info

    Beginning Items

    Items in NPC

    Avatars For Silk

    Professional Features

    How To Get Legend [Weapons/Shield/ACC]

    Assassin Section Stuffs

    Exchange Bug


    Trader Gold

    Advanced Elixir C

    -Advanced Features

    Job War

    Trading Points

    Tiitle Name Restoration

    Silk Per Hour

    Auto Events


  • Update 01

    Holy Temple Honor System

    We saw that honor ranking is useless in any pvp server
    and also some servers made honor buffs for donation or
    something like that and we found all of that is corruption
    So we added our Honor rank with Killing holy water temple
    then getting honor points for each one

    So first of all you have to do is " Register to holy water temple honor "

    Then kill the uniques in holy water temple so each unique gives you
    1 uniques "don't say :O " kill and honor points "20"

    For example :

    -- Misc --

    Wizards Skills fixed
    All chinese skills fixed
    Axe added
    Blue stones added
    100 Blue stones as maxstack added
    10000 maxstack for pet's hp added
    Silk/hour increased to "15"