[SIZE="6"]START DATE: 06-19-2015 20:00 PM[/SIZE][/CENTER]


    [SIZE="3"]We changed our server to player’s ideas for give them excellent gaming expereince. Our server is balanced between CH and EU. Not like full farmed with novas after 2-3 days. Long term and enjoyable server is waiting for you here. Of course we are not perfect, so we want to be perfect with you.

    This server will have updates by player’s ask. There will be so many events and actions. We promise you, you will never get bored here. You can get Silks by hunting uniques and for being online (Silk per Hour).

    Planet silkroad will be your new game planet. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Server Information:[/SIZE]
    Information | Value
    Name: | XERCES
    Slots: | 1000
    IP-Limit: | 2
    Cap: | 110
    Degree: | 11
    Race: | CH & EU
    Experience: | x20
    Party Experience: | x20
    Item-Drop: | x10
    Stone-Drop: | x2
    Gold: | x2
    Berserk: | x2
    Movement Speed: | x2
    Quest Reward: | 200%
    Job: | x5
    FGW: | x2
    Trader Profit: | 250%
    Thief Profit: | 200%
    Alchemy: | x1.5
    Alchemy Limit:| +14
    Alchemy Notice: | +7 and higher
    Silk/Hour: | 1
    Uniques Respawn: | 2-3 Hours
    Regions: | All activated
    Academy: | Disabled
    Job/Guild Penatly: | Disabled
    Guild-Limit: | 25
    Botting: | Allowed

    [SIZE="4"]Unique Silk Reward:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]Uniques | Value
    Tiger Girl: | 2
    Cerberus: | 2
    Uruchi: | 3
    Captain Ivy: | 3
    Isyutaru: | 5
    Lord Yarkan: | 10
    Demon: | 15
    Medusa: | 20
    Roc: | 100[/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]Roc: Everyday at 20:00
    Special Goods: 14:30-15:30 and 20:30-21:30
    Medusa: 12:00 and 18:00
    Honor Refresh: Everyday at 00:00
    Temple of Selket a nd Neith: 14:00-15:30 and 02:00-03:30
    Temple of Anubis and Isis: 15:30-17:00 and 03:30-05:00
    Temple Haroeris and Seth: 18:00-19:30 and 05:00-06:30
    CTF: Every 2 hours
    Fortress War register: Every Saturday
    Fortress War: Every Sunday at 18:00[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Balance between CH/EU:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]We increased the mastery cap for chinese characters from 330 to 440 to give them the chance to play in parties (skilling force) or to getting stronger in other ways! Also we increased the magic resistance for uniques so str characters have a chance to kill uniques aswell. Test it out we got a good feedback about this idea.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Fortress War:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]Bandit: Disabled
    Jangan: Disabled
    Hotan: Enabled[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]SOX/SPECIAL Beginner Quest:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]You can get SOX Weapon, EXP Scroll and other stuff from Potion Merchant in every town. You get SOX Weapon until 6 Degree then it will be harder to get good stuff.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]We increased the quest reward rate for exp, gold and sp. If you have trouble by getting gold or sp just do quests.[/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]The Alchemy rate is just perfect. We tested it days to have a enjoyable alchemy rate what players want! Also we have added Alchemy notice and limit![/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Magic Pop:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]We added Magic pop cards to uniques drop to increase the hunting of uniques. We disabled the 11dg from magic pop to prevent to get items easy after days, because the magic pop rate is high! Try it out![/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]We increased the job trade rate to make job more important to get gold. We also working on a way to get silks by trading. Stay tuned and give us some ideas about that![/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Grap Pets:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]Grap pet have 5 pages for more slots to store your important items to![/SIZE]


    [SIZE="3"]The talisman drop rate is not too high or too low. We tested it long enough to say thats not possible to get egy weapons after weeks![/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Holy Water:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]We decreased the coin drop rate to prevent getting egy set after weeks. You need MUCH more time to get parts.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Arena Coins:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]You can earn Arena coins by killing 101+ monsters (Akeru) or by playing ctf or battle arena.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Stackable Items:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]Arrows/Bolts 250 to 5000
    HP/MP/Vigors 50 to 1000
    HP/MP/Cure Superset 1000 to 10000
    Universal/Invisible pills 50 to 500
    Trade Pet Recovery kit 50 to 1000
    HGP Recovery potion 50 to 500
    Elements to 10000
    Materials 50 to 1000
    Tablets 50 to 500
    Stones(Socket,Astral,Immortal) 1 to 100
    Globals 50 to 100
    Reverse/Return scroll 50 to 100
    Elixiers 1 to to 500
    Lucky Powder 50 to 500
    Movement scrolls 50 to 100