ArkaneSro | 80 Cap | No Donations | EU/Ch

  • Hello and welcome to ArkaneSro. Here you find an awsome Server which is full play2win. There are no donations, everything can be gained with Gold, Job & CTF Joins. Also Uniques drop some Silk Items and of course there are STR Uniques too.


    Exp: 30x
    ExpPT: 35x
    Gold : 5x
    Drop :10x
    Spawn : 2x
    Alchemy: 1.5x
    MAX+ 12
    Anti Cheat JOB active!
    Sun Disabled
    IP LIMIT 3!


    Download: 1: 2: http://mega:///#!iRs1DZSD!g8BY…qQotwEcQY2dW5LNiprkeqbOtY


    Start Items:

    Silk Item NPC:

    Dress NPC (Every 2 Weeks New Dresses):


    Moon Weapons from FGW:

    Moon Equip from NPC: Price for Equip:

    Normal +3 Equip with STR & INT in NPC:

    Some skills got deleted like Black Res, Others got some more delay like Warrior Buffs, also Snow Shield & Warlock Debuffs are only for Int Chars.
    Chinese will get Pain Quota & have 330 Masterys:

    Lord Yarkan Strong:

    He spawns every 6 hours somewhere in Taklamakan. He can drop some special Dress, Premium, FGW Talisman and a low chance for Moon.
    But take care because you can't kill him alone ;D.

    Quest NPC:

    There are Unique Title Quests and some special Quests for SP to make it easier to get FF.

    Old PvP Capes:

    At the end i would like to say that the owner is on his own the only GM so there shouldn't be any corruption. Anyways there are some Supporters with no special rights just to help if someone have questions.

    The Server started yesterday and is not that famous yet but I hope to see some of you ingame because this Server have really big potential.