MarveL-Online l Cap 100 CH-EU l Low Rates l JobBase l LongTerm l NewSystem l Balanced

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    Today i come Here to add new Privte Server
    MarveL Online

    Welcome to MarveL Online | Play 2 Win| Secure

    Server Online

    Grand opening date: Tuesday 12th 2016 17:00 Servertime

    MarveL Your Way To Fun
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    Cap 100
    Race EU - CH
    Exp 100x
    Gold 10x
    Item 30x
    Alchemy 1x ( Original )
    Job 2x
    1Hour - 1Silk And There 2 Way To Get Silk
    From Temple Uniques And Medusa And Roc
    Sun Drop Disabled
    Som Drop Disabled ( You can upgrade sos to som only )
    FW Yes ( Jangan )
    FGW Disabled
    CTF Enabled
    BA Enabled
    Adv Disabled
    PLUS limit 12

    Start Items


    MP X-Large|1000
    HP X-Large|1000
    Reverse |11
    Return scroll|50
    Speed scroll|20
    Grap pet|1
    Inventory page|3
    Skill Point|500k

    Reset mastery skill scroll
    Also, you can't just reset your stat point right ? you need to change mastery build right xD , this scroll will reset your mastery level to 0 and it will give you enough Skill point.

    Reset stat scroll
    Many players love to change their build once a while , so this scroll will help you to reset your stat point! its easy to change your character build now..

    Silk scroll
    one of the most helpful scrolls that it's already been working on many released server , is this silk scroll , it allows you to transfer your silk from account to another so easy , and we added different amounts ( 50 , 100 , 250 , 500 , 1000 ) with no extra charge.

    Small Quest And Answer

    Q- How To Get Unique Coin ?
    A- From Normal Uniques And Apis
    Q- How To Get Job Coin ?
    A- From Trader 5* From Jangan To Town Get 25Job
    Q- How To Get Silk Scroll And Silk ?
    A- There To Way To Get Silk 1-From Job Uniques And Medusa And Roc 2- Still Online 1Hour/1Silk
    Q- How To Get Arena Coin ?
    A- From Arena Manager
    Q- How To Get CTF Coin ?
    A- From Event So-Ok[/CENTER]