Hammer Sro Online Cap110 PVE

  • It has been opened since the server 20 days

    You Can Download Full Client Via


    Hammer Sro

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    Hammer Sro

    Server Information

    Cap 110
    Skill Cap 110
    Race Chinese / European
    Degree 11
    Solo EXP/SP Rates 35x
    Party EXP/SP Rates 45x
    Job Rates 70x
    Monster Respawn 5x
    No Free Silk
    Fortress war Hotan, Jangan & Bandit
    Fortress war Every Day
    Fortress war registertion AT 13:00 PM GMT
    Fortress war Start AT 14:30 PM GMT
    Fortress war End AT 16:30 PM GMT
    Guild Limit 50

    FGW Working!

    For Get Weapon Power Egy A D11

    Daily Events Yes
    Job Temple Enabled
    Battle Arena Enabled
    Capture the Flag Enabled

    Time Unique's Spawn

    Titan Uniques Every 6Hour

    Medusa Appear At 2:00 - 9:00 - 12:00 AM/PM GMT

    Roc Evry Friday AT 20:00 PM GMT

    We Add New System's
    1- Auto Equipment's

    From lv D 2 To D 10

    2- Auto Notice Plus

    3- Hero Wanted Jop's

    4- Message Welcome

    5- System ASK Sec Stall & Exchange & Restart & Exit

    Unique's Drop
    Demon Shaitan Avatar Wing M/F
    Demon Shaitan Copper Coin
    Demon Shaitan Revers Scroll
    Demon Shaitan Arena Coin
    Medusa Weapon Power Egy A
    Mobs Drop
    lv 104 Arena Coin
    lv 104 Revers Scroll
    lv 106 Arena Coin
    lv 106 Revers Scroll

    You Can Get Rare Accesory For Arena Coin From NPC Arena Manger

    Coming Sooon Silk Pear Hour
    New NPC Special Item's For Arena Coin
    New Rank For Pvp & Plus & Unique's and More....