• Since 17.12.2015 you can simply Register an Account after you read the Registration and Account Security!
    During the past time we got a lot issues with some players as well our provider,
    which was not quite compatible for our server system.

    In order to solve this problems we changed the server and run on compatible system now!
    We used the time to prepare for some new things in BerlinSRO!

    Once that is done you can Download the Client and start your journey AFTER you read this short desire!!
    Please bring the required competencies to found a friendly and helpful society!

    Also be sure that you have enough
    Basic English skills to communicate with
    our International players even if we impress
    one of less german titled (deutschnamigen) Servers because we...

    ...Really appreciate the use of english language in Global Chats, Forum or e-mails to the admin!

    Even my skills are identical to an elementary school student but i do my best to improve them by time (:

    Why should you join our server BerlinSRO?
    Both friendly experienced support as well funny and creative entertainment is our main concern for the community.
    For this reason we have long been successfully operating in this section,
    and in recent years we have significantly expanded that the entertainment system,
    on the basis of a long-time adventure on our server is... now please read verry carefully!!! be able to recognise the limits, so as not to get confused, overpowered or overburden during your game play.

    How to understand it more quickly?
    We spend great attention to maintaining a high-level corporate culture
    which is based on some principles mainly!

    1: Do not treat anyone the way as you would like to be treated...
    ... rather treat others as they wish to be treated themself and
    2: Do what you say and say what you do
    to save you time and energy that you could invest more effectively for yourself!!!

    Please do not get in rage and judge us if you find any bug or something because
    there is always a friendly way to communicate with each others... (:

    Where are all the Events?

    Positive reinforcement for Events however they take place
    also includes not to ask too much of the player during events,
    to explain new and difficult tasks with patience and
    to test them for some time.
    Thats why Server-Events,
    which are presented for a small audience by invitation only,
    are mostly held on weekends and usually do not interfere
    with the private plans from most of our players.
    All players are invited to attend the performances and
    all players will be notified prior to any
    event that may take place during your stay.
    Feel free to send us every suggestion,
    if it is realizable and convinced that the Team will perform
    with the players entitled for every events which means
    irrespective of the abilities, power, set, weapon, riches, level, activity or
    other facts of individual players, and that by doing so, all local players will be
    promoted more effectively for a long-time-phase, if everyone is
    regardless of the facts which are enumerated above!

    We hope this introduction can convince you of all our work.
    We would be pleased to welcome you as one of our Players soon!

    Now go and enjoy the guide, but the streets of BerlinSro are violent,
    so take care of yourself and if you need to report anything,
    Contact us on BerlinSRO or any Server assistant.

    Let´s start with our Basic Informations.
    Basic rules!
    Game rules can be add additionally
    We advice you to read the rules constantly because they can also be add afterwards!!!!
    Every edit in this list will be announced on our homepage!!
    Basic rules counts in any other section of the rules, so be awared!

    Basic rules:
    1. We do absolutely NOT tollerate any kind of racism and strongly recommend to avoid any racistic action.

    2. Insulting the Team will end in trouble, also do not be pushy or make preasure!! We respect you, so respect us.
    -This rule counts for every aspects of BerlinSRO
    -Rude Chats in Global, Forum, Facebook, e-mail, gmail , epvp and others gets ban
    -Time of ban period depends on warnings..

    3. Any adveristing for other servers are forbidden and will consult an instant ban.
    -Includes simple conversations ingame like Global, shout, pm, stall messages, party registrations ect...
    -Includes any social networks or forum which is not a part of BerlinSRO!
    -Includes our forum and any other sections in BerlinSRO!

    4. [GM]'s , or the Server-Team never asks for items or account informations except....
    - Problems that occur from your side which can only be solved by its information
    - of donation problems.

    5. We highly recommend to not share, any account informations, neither ingame, nor skype
    -If you get scammed, it's your problem. So pay attention!
    -Selling gold or Items for real money is not allowed!
    -We will not return any scammed items or accounts.

    6. Any atempt of selling items, gold or silk for real money will end in permanent ban. The existing "Virtual Wear" will be deleted!

    7. If you get scammed in any way and we're trying to recover things (because we are kind) and it get's out it was a lie / waste of time by fun, will be revieving a ban!

    8. We currently do not use an IP-Limit, but we highly recommend you, not to play with more then 3 chars. Also do not abuse this limit in a rude way or you can expect a ban for some years! If we become a more active Server we will decrease the limit to 3 Chars and we will also add a HWID limit for that.

    9. We are working hard, to make you feel confident with the Gamecontent, so feel free to send us your suggestions before start flaming!

    10: We do not allow botting on every Unique Monster Spawn or in any other places where you can obtain seldome Items.
    -Which means that you should not use the bot in the whole Berlin Teleport Imperium (Mt. Teleport)
    -If there is no Chat reply it will result in 5 hour ban!
    -Spamming & spam bot isn't allowed.
    -Not allowed to use the bot at Quin Shi Master
    -Not allowed to use the bot at Millenium Turtle

    11: Do not abuse multible accounts or charakters in order to get high ranked!
    -Time periode: permanent ban!
    -If it causes of Academy we will reset your Honor buffs and Ranking afterwards so do not even try to cheat.
    -used account for multible charakters gets permanent ban.
    -Abusing bugs to get an advantage over other player is forbidden.

    The main and most important thing

    Plese respect each other! Respect every different faith. Respect every different nationality and ethnic group. We are one! We are one big community and we all are here for having fun!

    May the glory of patience always be with you!

    You can also message us on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.

    Liebe Gruesse, Berlin-Sro-Team!

    PS: Back link on our WEBSITE

  • Server Info table

    Experience ratio 35x
    Skillexperience ratio 35x
    Item Drop ratio 5x
    SoX Drop ratio 1x
    Gold Drop ratio 30x

    Level Cap


    European race


    Chinese Mastery


    Defense Skills Weapon


    Forgotten World


    Magic Pop


    Trade Rates gold from

    Alexandria to Samarkand as well from
    Samarkand to Alexandria

    Medusa Dungeon




    Roc Cave



    ADV SET Remove Scroll Active
    ADV 1st slot Restore Scroll Active
    Consignment Tiger Mark active
    Allows 100% longer registration time
    for the Consignment Shop
    Magic Pop Card active
    Global Chatting Active
    Ress Scroll Active (disabled in Job System)
    Reverse Return Scroll Active (disabled in Job System)
    Item Upgrade Scroll Active
    Roc Cave Active (disabled in Job System)
  • Location Amount

    Jangan Enabled
    Donwhang Enabled
    Hotan Enabled
    Constantinople Disabled
    Samarkand Enabled
    Berlin Town Enabled
    PvP Areas Enabled
    Taklarea Enabled
    Shipwracks Enabled
    Coloseum Enabled
    Taxi Area 1-30 Disabled
    Taxi Area 30-50 Disabled
    Taxi Area 50-75 Disabled
    Taxi Area 75-100 Disabled
    Harrison Mountain Enabled
    Support House Enabled
    Qin-Shi Master Enabled
    Millenium Turtle Enabled
    Swamp Wall Enabled
    Prison of Flame Cow Enabled
    Golden Temple Enabled
    Wrack Portal Enabled
    Berlin Token Road Disabled
    Event Areas Enabled
    Unique Areas Enabled
    Alexandria Enabled
    Jangan Cave Enabled
    Donwhang Cave Enabled
    Jupiter Disabled
    Jop Temple Enabled
    Baghdad Garden Disabled
    Baghdad Disabled