[Silkroad] Memoirs | CAP 80 | EU/CH | Low Rate | Job Based | Play2Win | Auto Events

  • Your adventre begins here!

    Hello stagetwo,
    I'm proud to finally present to you our server - Memoirs.
    We are here to offer our community fresh and nice gameplay with alot of fun and amazing features.
    Who we are?
    We are a international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.
    What do we expect from Memoirs?
    * Long-term
    * Balance
    * Stability

    Level CAP: 80

    Skill CAP: 80

    Race: Chinese - European

    Mastery Limit: 300 - 160

    Experience: 5x

    Party Experience: 6x

    Item Drop Rate: 2x

    SoX Drop Rate: 1x

    Gold Drop Rate: 2x

    Job Rate: 30x

    Alchemy Rate: Custom

    Fortress War: Jangan Only

    DDoS Protected: By HyperFilter

    Exploit Protection: By Torque

    IP Limit: 3

    Server Specs:
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 4c/8t 3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
    RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz

    Bandwidth: 1Gbps

    Achemy Rate in %:

    +1 - 50%
    +2 - 40%
    +3 - 35%
    +4 - 30%
    +5 - 25%
    +6 - 20%
    +7 - 15%
    +8 - 10%
    +9 - 5%
    +10 - 3%
    +11 - 2%
    +12 - 1% (Max)

    Some of european skills have longer delay (due balance).

    Removed Job penalty.
    Removed Guild penalty.
    Weekly updates.
    Daily Events.
    Forgotten World.
    8th Degree stones disabled from drop (you need to collect tablets!).
    Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour.
    Regions: Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinopole.
    Fortress war enabled (For start Jangan only).
    Fortress War Time: Saturday 19:00 GMT+2 - Server time.
    8 Characters per account.

    CTF enabled (reward CTF Coins).

    +3 Items in npc's until 8 degree (for easier leveling).

    Guild limit: 32 players, Union Limit: 4 guilds.

    Global chatting, pandora boxes every 10 levels.

    Start Items:
    3 Inventory Pages
    100.000 Gold
    50.000 SP
    1x 60% Exp Helper
    1x 100% Exp Helper
    5x Reverse Return Scroll's
    1x Memoirs Premium Gold Time 3 Days
    20x Instant Return Scroll's
    20x Beginner Speed Scroll's
    1000x HP Potions
    1000x MP Potions
    1x 3 Days Grab Pet
    1x Devil Spirit Grade B
    1x Memoirs Outfit M/F

    Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount.

    Honor rank is enabled.
    Seal Of Sun weapons from 1 Degree to 6 Degree (The only suns in game!)

    8th Degree Seal Of Moon weapons from Forgotten world quest.

    Guild level is 5 once you create one.

    Memoirs Stone Trader Npc.

    Memoirs Protector and Jewel Trader Npc.

    Jewel Box and Snow Flake events.

    Str uniques (Int chars can't kill them).


    Trivia Event - EventManager will write globals with various questions, you'll need to answer him, if you win you will receive 10 Memoirs Points!
    Kill The EventManager Event - EventManager will spawn in Downhang South and asks you to kill him! Once you kill him, you will receive 20 Memoirs Points and 10M gold!
    Lucky Party Number - EventManager will ask you to open Party Matching in game and open parties until you get his desired number. If you lucky to get it, you will receive 10 Memoirs Points and 5M gold!
    More events coming...

    OldSchool PvP Capes!

    1 New avatar dress will be added to Item Mall weekly.
    Memoirs Points (silk) per unique system:
    Tiger Girl: 7
    Tiger Girl Str: 7
    Cerberus: 10
    Cerberus Str: 10
    Captain Ivy: 13
    Captain Ivy Str: 13
    Uruchi: 15
    Uruchi Str: 15
    Isyutaru: 17
    Isyutaru Str: 17
    Lord Yarkan: 20
    Lord Yarkan Str: 20

    First 100 players who reach level 80 gets special rewards, so dont miss your chance to be one of them!
    Just make sure you have something in your storage! If not, you will not receive gifts.

    Job Coins : you can buy 8D SOM set parts/accessory's with this coins.

    Note: you able to do this systems if your level above 50 and job level is 3 or above
    Traders go jobbing as usuall , automatic receive Job Coins when they Relog. Their Contribution gets saved as well and you can receive more than 2.134 Bill contribution. We don't have a limit for contribution, at last you need 3stars or 3x1 star.
    Trader needs 3 stars trade or above and level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Trader Gain : 4 Job Joins Each trade he do.
    Hunter should cover 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Hunter Gain : 3 Job Joins Each trade he Cover.
    Thief should Stole 3 star or above trade and also need level 3 at his job type to start receive his amount of job coins.
    Thief Gain : 3 Job Joins Each trade he stole.

    Server start: 2016-07-30 18:00 GMT+1