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    I'm already for a long time owner of logitech keyboards and mouses but to be honest I used their features quite rarely. From time to time i created macros for the G-Keys of my previous G15 but it never worked out so well. As my Logitech G15 keyboard were already over 10 years old and my Logitech G5 mouse had a break in the cable, my girlfriend were so nice to spend me a new Logitech G613 wireless keyboard and a Logitech G603 wireless Mouse to my birthday last year <3

    Today I finally had some things I wanted to put on the G-Keys. One key got an assignment to mute my microphone and the other should get a macro to buff my character in the old MMORPG I started playing again :) This worked very nice but there was a problem! Once the macro started, I couldn't abort it and the enemy had enough time to kick my ass^^ After some Googling and some short playing around I got my solution and that's what I want to share with you now :) (finally eh :D)

    To be able to abort the macro you have to modify

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