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    Hey there, as you landed on this article you're probably annoyed that IKEA isn't so smart yet and you can't integrate it into your smart home and can't control it via Google Assistant or Alexa. No worries I'll tell you how you can control the IKEA lamps with a Raspberry PI, which you right now control with an Ansluta remote. The remote must be the model with a 2.4GHz chip and not with a 433MHz one. On the back of my Ansluta remote is the model number YH-KZQ-FS. If you have such a remote you can continue reading. Otherwise this article might be useless for you.

    What you need

    The Ansluta remote is using the CC2500 chip, which you can get for 3€ on Amazon. To ensure we definitely are able to replicate the commands we're going to use the same chip as well. Then we will use a Raspberry PI 3, which you can get for 33.99€ on Amazon to control the chip. For sure you also can use an Arduino, NodeMCU, ATTiny/ATMega or any other MCU. I used an Raspberry PI because I wanted to try out the

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