Phoenix Online | 60 Cap | Low Rates | ECSRO based | No Bots

  • Phoenix Online

    Opening date: Friday, 01/29/2016 6:00 p. m. Phoenix Standard Time



    Let me introduce you to the concept of Phoenix Online before we move into the more in-depth details. Phoenix Online has been made by and for real SilkRoad Online fans, with the ambition of creating a SilkRoad server all about having fun together.

    Phoenix Online is a 60 cap slightly edited old-school server, based on long-term and bot-free values, original gameplay, and true play2win.

    For me, personally, it is important to mention that this server has not been made to earn money. The server has been created with love & effort to ensure a great gameplay experience for those who actually want to play the game. If you want a server where you can simply turn on a bot to reach cap ASAP, then this is the wrong server for you. The way is the goal on Phoenix Online.

    Leveling up

    Phoenix Online is a legit server and this will never change. Nevertheless, we all know that leveling, and especially farming skill points, can be annoying sometimes. That is why we have reworked every quest to be more suitable in terms of its expenditure-reward relation. In short: you will get huge amounts of skill points to make farming tolerably. Additionally, some quests even reward you with silk items and other useful item rewards.

    However, keep in mind that 60 is the level cap and that you can enjoy all aspects of the game no matter what your level are. There is therefore no reason to rush for the maximum level. Instead, you should try to see the way as the goal, and simply enjoy the ride.

    Triangular Conflict / Event Mall

    The most important part of Silkroad Online is the triangular conflict. Apart from being a reliable gold source, it provides lots of fun and enjoyable moments, as well as reputation for your character as it grants you access to the event mall. Phoenix Online is based on the old job system, which allows you to join the conflict regardless of time, position, and level.

    Since you cannot donate for silk (or anything else for that matter), we have had the opportunity to redesign the item mall to an event mall, which can be used only by those who are successful in jobbing. The top 5 of every job league (Trader/Hunter/Thief) will be granted event points (EP) from which you can purchase special and useful items. However, since we know that jobbing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, another way to gain EP is, as the name indicates, through participating in events.

    Hidden NPCs / Special trade routes

    This is one of the few edits we have made to the game apart from the re-worked quests. The concept of hidden NPCs is pretty easy. Silkroad has a beautiful world but there is never any incentive to explore it. That's why some quest NPCs have been spread around the world of Silkroad Online. These NPCs offer quests, common goods, or even special trade goods. Some can be found by following hints from other NPCs, whereas others are truly hidden, and you simply have to stumble into them during grinding, trading, or simply exploring the world.

    Special trade routes grant huge amounts of gold and job experience (perfect to boost your job ranking). You have to be careful, however, as the route can be more dangerous and you probably don’t want to let everyone know about its exact position/existence once you have found it.


    Events are very important on Phoenix Online. Events will be held every day if possible (depends on the team composition), and there will be much more than ordinary events like Hide & Seek, Question & Answer and so on. I will not go into further details about it now, since it is a lot more fun if these events arrive as a surprise rather than something expected.

    Skill balances

    In order to make PvE/PvP fair for every build, we made some slight changes to the skills. We don't claim that it is perfect now, but we've tried our best and will keep balancing based on your feedback. So far, the following skills have been changed:

    There is no snow shield available for now, and the fanning and shield series from spear/blade trees are still the old ones.


    Uniques are an important part of the game. It is fun to hunt them and they give you great rewards such as items, experience, and skill points. We all know the situations where a unique like Tiger Girl spawns and seconds later, she is already dead, slain by some high-level player who gains nothing more than a little fame by killing it. There, we have decided to restrict uniques to certain player groups based on level. This will give those who will actually benefit from it, a chance to kill a unique and reap the rewards!

    Tiger Girl: For characters level 32 and below
    Uruchi: For characters level 52 and below
    Isyutaru: For everyone

    Apart from normal items, uniques can also drop various silk items, but only to those who are in the given level range.


    Gold is pretty important in Silkroad. Both during the first levels when you have to afford potions, and later on when you want to purchase equipment from other players. However, many Silkroad private servers experience a gold inflation, as they only increase the gold drop rate, allowing goldbots to run wild.

    To avoid such a situation, we decided to keep the default balance (x1 gold rate) and decrease the selling price of equipment at NPCs to 10% of its original price. We hope to achieve a couple of different effects due to this change, such as increased player2player trade. Furthermore, it hinders the possibility to get rich by simply grinding and thereby we set the focus on triangular conflict once again. Last but not least, it will keep the gold amount within a reasonable level.

    Bug Fixes

    This point may not be very important if we speak about vSRO based servers, as the amount of critical bugs is not as high as on ecsro-based servers. Luckily, we have fixed all known critical bugs on Phoenix Online without disabling any functions. For example, both stalls and stall network are available.

    If our word is not enough for you, you're welcome to try it on your own. In the case that you may find or know about a bug that we don’t and report it to us, you can expect a great reward for your help.

    PS: Feel free to ask any question in German or English

  • Ja der Server ist wirklich genial. Macht wirklich mega spaß und ist wie in den alten Zeiten, also wer ein Old School server sucht ist hier genau richtig. Auch wenn nicht viele drauf spielen, um einfach mal so ins alte Silkroad rein zu schnuppern ist dieser Server Perfekt.

  • Würde es dich wundern? :D
    Ist bei SRO pServern doch normal.
    In einigen Wochen kommt dann ein neuer Relaunch mit verbesserten Features.

    Rechtschreibfehler sind Spezialeffekte meiner Tastatur und dienen ausschließlich der allgemeinen Belustigung!!!

  • Selbst ECSRO, ZSZC usw. hatten den Kram damals nicht.
    War glaube zu aufwändig den Kram in den client einzufügen, wenn eh jeder einen Bot benutzt oder man einfah einen externen Autopot nehmen kann^^

    Rechtschreibfehler sind Spezialeffekte meiner Tastatur und dienen ausschließlich der allgemeinen Belustigung!!!

  • das wäre ziemlich schwach, seit wann gibt es eigentlich dieses alte job system, dass man immer wechseln kann wann man will soweit ich weiß war es anfangs der pserver zeit unmöglich das wiederherzustellen

    Venuspower schrieb:

    wenn eh jeder einen Bot benutzt oder man einfah einen externen Autopot nehmen kann

    die möchten ja nicht dass man bottet.. dass es kein automatisches potsystem gibt verleitet eher dazu externe progis zu benutzen

  • die möchten ja nicht dass man bottet.. dass es kein automatisches potsystem gibt verleitet eher dazu externe progis zu benutzen

    Sags nicht mir.
    Ich meine mich nur dran zu erinnern, dass es den Aufwand nicht wert wäre ^^
    Deswegen nutzen die meisten pServer auch die neuen files, weil man damit wohl einfacher Sachen machen kann.

    Rechtschreibfehler sind Spezialeffekte meiner Tastatur und dienen ausschließlich der allgemeinen Belustigung!!!