• GRANDOPENING: 2016-04-01 18:00


    Hello and welcome to Tempest Silkroad where the fun will begin for you! I will give a short description to explain what we changed and how it effect the original gameplay. We kept our Edits simple and easy but the fun and activity will be definitly increased. Our plan was it to keep the original silkroad as it is and try to improve it since joymax made some mistakes which players didnt accept and made the game boring or pay2win. Our server is play2win in a special way, players do not get everything for free but when they are active they will recieve many things which are normaly obtainable via silks (money). Our game is made for players who want activity and not want to bot every time and just watch after a time when they something dropped. We also improved the old Job System which is making the game really active and we hope the players will enjoy it. If you are still interested to join the game keep reading and we hope the edits are perfect for you!





    Degree: 11
    Level Cap: 110
    Europe Mastery: 220
    Chinese Mastery: 440


    PC-Limit: 2
    Alchemy Plus Limit: 15 (Advanced Elixir)
    Guild Limit: 32
    Union Limit: 2
    Guild Penalty: 12 Hours
    Job Penalty: 12 Hours
    Silk per Hour: 1
    Silk per Hour Level: 110


    Experience Rate: x70
    Party Experience Rate: x100
    Item Drop Rate: x10
    Gold Drop Rate: x1
    Alchemy Rate: x1
    Stone Drop Rate: x5
    Elixir Drop Rate: x10
    Job Exp Rate: x20
    Magic POP Rate: x2
    Nova: x1.5
    Forgotten World Rate: x2
    Holy Water Temple Rate: x1


    Experience Rate: x10
    Skillpoint Rate: x10
    Gold Rate: x5



    REGISTRATION: Saturday (12:00-20:00)
    FORTRESS WAR: Sunday (Start: 17:00)


    SELKIS&NEITH: Everyday (13:00 and 20:00)
    ANUBIS&ISIS: Everyday (15:00 and 20:00)
    HAROERIS&SETH: Everyday (17:00 and 22:00)


    ROC GATE: Everyday (18:00)
    MEDUSA GATE: Everyday (12:00 and 20:00)


    BATTLE ARENA: Every Hour
    CAPTURE THE FLAG: Every Hour


    HONOR-BUFF: Every Month
    UNIQUE-RANKING: Every Month



    The starter kit of a new character is pretty cool to level up fast and without losing much time since you have got some free reverse and return scroll. And you have got some damage increasing items also a grap pet for 3 days. Do not worry Unique are dropping 1 day clocks to increase your pet when you are active and not botting 24/7. And no one like to farm SPs so we made for chinese Charaters 3m SPs and for european Characters 2m SPs! ;)


    We increased the standard stacks of potions and other items which are not in the picture to save you some slots in your inventory or storage.


    When you reached a new level where you can wear a new part of a set then just teleport and you will get it automaticly equipped.


    We added some new teleport links between some towns and level spots to save your time for leveling on spot. Everyone is hating running nearly 10 minutes to a spot for example jangan cave.


    Increased the monster spawn on all regions!


    We disabled party monster to prevent hardcore party botter to get a advantage against normal legit players since party monster having a higher dropping rate for rare items like sun,moon,star and nova. But since it was something special for players to join a party we increased the giant spawn rate and the experience rate on parties to leveling up faster!


    To make chinese character more stronger against european characters we increased their mastery cap from 330 to 440. Also we did some changes on european buffs/revive skills. We increased the some cooldowns on the european side to prevent abusing them on fortess. As you can see we thought about many thinks to keep everything fair.


    We added many new drops to revive the old unique hunting and to reward players for their activity. These drops will make the game more play2win than on the original silkroad.


    Tiger Girl
    Demon Shaitan
    Captain Ivy
    Forgotten World Sereness
    Holy Water Temple Uniques


    Now we will come to the best part we made. This gameplay system is a mixture of activity, botting, jobbing, holy water temple, job temple and forgotten world. You are asking now: "WTF is this guy trying to tell me?!?!". We its pretty easy and simple and based on a idea to keep the server longterm and active with many activity.

    Im going to explain it better:

    As i mentioned it above the end content of our server is a mixture of many activities:

    Forgotten World:

    Forgotten World is a Dungeon where you can play with your friends and obtain talisman or 1x immortal at Sereness or at Treasure Boxes. With these Talisman you can get via a Quest Egypt Weapon (A) this Items i much stronger than Nova.

    Holy Water Temple & Job Temple:

    At this "Dungeons" you can obtain Coins:

    Copper Coins
    Iron Coins
    Silver Coins
    Gold Coins

    With these Coins you can buy the latest end gear Egypt Gear (B). And this part of the game will takes the longest time. We dont want to make it to easy because after you have the latest items it will be boring and worthless. Silkroad is a game where you have to invest time and hard work.


    Okay now we will come to the part where the job activity is very important to get fast your Level 101 Nova Weapon or Accesories. First of the Job System is not avaiable for players who are using bot. You have to logout and start Tempest Silkroad without third party programs because we dont want abusers/cheaters and it will definitly increase the activity at jobbing mode.

    To buy a nova item in the Job Reward Manager requieres it time, activity coins and gold. And do not worry we increased the profit at the job mode.

    The activity coins can be get on Battle Arena and on drops of NPC Thiefs/Hunters.

    You can find the Job Reward Manager at Jangan and the tax of the bought items will be put in the Jangan Fortress jackpot.

    Standard Nova Gear:

    The standard Nova Gear can only obtained via farming at 101+ Monsters. This is a good opportunity when you dont have time you just stay afk and farm because its also a part of silkroad but it shouldnt be the only one.

    Free Silk (Gift Silk):

    You can get Silks at:

    Capture the Flag (1 Silk Scroll for one Kill)
    Silk per Hour (Require level 110)
    Holy Water Temple (Uniques dropping Silk Scrolls)

    New Trade & Ride Pets for Gold:


    We increased the premium from 5% to 10%!


    On some parts of the game we do not want bots/cheaters/abusers or other third party programs because it will destroy the whole community and fairness. Also we added some Cooldowns on some functions ingame like exchange, exit or restart.

    We disabled bots and third party programs at this regions:

    Fortress War
    Job Temple
    Jobbing Mode
    Capture The Flag
    Battle Arena