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  • New Job Based FGW Quest

    [*]Become level 80 and Accept the Quest

    [*]Information about the Quest

    [*]Go into the job mode Thief / Hunter / Trader

    Teleport to Styria Clash and begin the fight against player and boss

    [*]Pagan Box can drop 1 Talisman by a Chance from 10%

    [*]Ragnarok can drop 1-3 Talisman by a Chance from 30%

    [*]Ragnarok - Fate of the Gods Collection

    [*]Dark Water Talisman

    [*]Ragnarok Flame Talisman

    [*]Gods Time Talisman

    [*]Edda Talisman

    [*]Gjallarhorn Talisman

    [*]Mjolnir Talisman

    [*]Odin's Eye Talisman

    [*]Fenris Wolf Talisman

    [*]Yggdrasil's Soul / God of War Tyr

    [*]Yggdrasil's Soul Skills & Buff / God of War Tyr Skills & Buff

  • Das muss dann aber schon sehr lange her gewesen sein

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    Skill ist, wenn Luck zur Gewohnheit wird

  • Hab den hier auch noch nie gesehen. Ist glaube auch kein Deutscher.

    Rechtschreibfehler sind Spezialeffekte meiner Tastatur und dienen ausschließlich der allgemeinen Belustigung!!!

  • Inspection 28-10-2018
    Greetings, everyone!
    The maintenance . Here is a list of the changes

    - Edited Snow Flake to tradable

    - Edited GameServer

    - Added Job Honor Ranking Refresh every 6h

    - Edited Interface Item Mall

    - Fix Some text ingame

    - Added Battle Arena

    - Added to GameServer Snowflake and Battle Arena reward Valtyr Mark

  • Server Inspection 04-11-2018

    Greetings, everyone!

    The maintenance . Here is a list of the changes

    Added Dresses to item Mall

    - Arabian 1 Dress

    - Arabian 2 Dress

    - Carnival 1 Dress

    - Carnival 2 Dress

    - Chinese Opera Dress

    - Clown Dress

    - Skeleton Knight Armor Dress

    - Wind Spirit Dress

    - Fairy Dress

    - Holy Knight Dress

    - Pirat Dress

    - Cursed Soul 1 Dress

    - Cursed Soul 2 Dress

    - Saint Knight Dress

    - Sprtan Dress

    - Turkey Dress


    - Behemot 171k HP

    - Lizzard 80k HP

    - Added Surtur New Skill

    - Edited Surtur Remove Skill (Respawn)

    - Edited Surtur HP

    - Added Rune Key for Valtyr Mark to Enter Devils Garden

    - Added Devils Garden

    - Added New Monster Sleipnir in Devils Garden

    - Sleipnir drop some Alchemy Material for Plus

    Devil Spirit

    - Fix Item Mall Character

    Rates Event x2 End

    Donate Event End

    2 Days ago 3 new Events Added to SystemBot

    GM Kill


    Search & Destroy

  • Server Inspection

    Greetings, everyone!

    The maintenance . Here is a list of the changes

    - Refresh all Rankings

    - Added Lucky Magic Powder Material

    - Magic Lucky Powder Tablet for Valtyr Mark

    - Awakening Bottle 1

    - Awakening Bottle 2

    - Awakening Bottle 3

    - Awakening Bottle 4

    - Lucky Material will drop in Devils Garden

    - Last Tier Normal items Upgrade to Moon

    - min + 7 required

    - Upgrade D8 (Normal Item last tier) +7 or Higher) Put you Weapon on slot 1 in Inventar Activate the scroll!you will teleport Automatic and get som +0

    - Valtyr Manager Downhang Shop

    - Added

    - Magic Lucky Powder Tablet

    - Weapon Upgrade Scroll

    - Set Upgrade Scroll

    - Acces Upgrade Scroll

    - Added Valtyr Mark for Gold

    - Added New Dress

    - Sabakun Scroll Stack 5000

    - Dura Stonde D8 max dura 1700%

    - Delete CTF

    - Battle Arena Time 12:00 German Time

    - Battle Arena Time 14:00 German Time

    - Battle Arena Time 18:00 German Time

    - Battle Arena Time 20:00 German Time

    - Edit some text files

    - Added Spanish/English Supporter Player fr0stt

    - Added German/English Supporter Player nek

    - Added Recycle System SP for Silk

    - Added Recycle System SP for Gold

    - Added Recycle System SP for Mark

    - Added New Event Monster

    - Refresh Complett Log

    - Added New sro_client.exe & silkroad.exe

    you can open the normal launcher like a Multi Client :)

    - Snow Flake Event End

    - Edit New Event Unique

    - Added Items to Event Unique

    - Edit Some text files

    - Edit some BSR files

    - Added New Launcher

    - Added Donate Event